Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back on the Weight Loss Wagon today!!!!

I'm back on the wagon as of today in many ways.

I'm back:-

1. Walking to work and back (not sure how much longer I can walk to and from work as we are moving next weekend at it will be a 10km walk each way if I do it)... I still think that the walk is doable but my brother and bf think otherwise.... Will see what happens...
2. Tracking...
3. Drinking my water...
4. Whilst I've put on a bit over christmas, not that I have weighed myself but I can feel it, I'm feeling pretty happy about things right now and raring to go...

I'm back on the wagon as of today...

Monday, October 26, 2009

I must be crazy to walk in this weather.....

Well I must be crazy this morning, it's raining in Sydney today. I got up early and went for a walk, mainly because I over ate a bit on the weekend. I was going to go for an hour walk but it ended up only lasting for 40 minutes. I made the mistake of not taking a rain jacket, just an umbrella and with the wind in my area this morning that broke about 1/3 of the way into my walk, so I threw out the umbrella, turned around and walked home... Needless to say I got rather wet and a few strange looks from drives for not having any wet weather gear on...

After having a hot shower at home, getting changed, the rain didn't stop me cause I walked to work as normal. This time a little better prepared. I wore a rain jacket and then had one of those big plastic jacket things that went over me and my backpack. I also managed to bring extra socks etc in case they got really wet, which they have...

I must either be crazy or in the grove to want to be under 85 kilos by christmas. I hate walking in the rain, because it's horrible, windy and no matter what you get a bit wet...

Its a real winters day today and I was so craving porridge but didn't think I had any. I was in luck, one satchel left in my draw at work.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

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Monday, August 24, 2009

For the first time in a long time.....

For the first time in a long time I weigh less than my brother. I was having lunch with my brother Paul yesterday and we were discussing how much we weigh and he was telling me he now weighs 97 kilos (mind you he is 5 10 and I'm only 5 5). At WI on saturday I weighed in at 96.6 kilos.... I can't believe that I'm finally lighter than him. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Not long till my trip, in fact in 10 days time I'll be packing and heading to the airport to go... I really can't wait. Mind you I still have some work to do with my weight loss goal. I would love to lose 2 more kilos in this time. So lots of tracking, sticking to my points and exercise for me this week. I know that if I stay focused I can do this....

Ok for those who can't remember or don't know, I'm off to London, Milan and the South of England for just over 3 weeks. I leave on my birthday that being 4 September.

My promise to myself today is:-

1. Stick to my weight watchers points 21 today.
2. Drink 2 litres of water today.
3. Use the Wii Sports Active game tonight...

I will update my progress later today...



2 p.m. - So far so good. I did bring my lunch today, which was left overs from dinner last night, however my work colleagues talked me into going our for Thai. The good thing was that I have still stayed within my points. I had some steamed rice and vegetables with oyster sauce. I also drank water.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My promise to myself today is....

My promise to myself today is....

1. I will track what ever goes into my mouth...
2. I will drink 2 litres of water today
3. I will stay within my 21 weight watchers points.
4. I will use the Wii Sports Active exercise game when I get home tonight....

I will update the results as I go today.


1. Yes I have tracked everything that I have eaten today.
2. Yes I have drunk 2 litres of water.
3. I have so far within my points.
4. I am about to do the Wii Sports active game so I will say that is done.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Its amazing what a good night's sleep does....

It is amazing what a good night sleep does for one's mood.

I had the best night's sleep last night and am feeling on top of the world. A big step up from what I've been feeling the past week, thanks to a head cold....

I even used the Wii fit and Wii sports active exercise game this morning. Brad asked me if I was sick or something, as I was up so early and full of energy.

Whilst I do enjoy walking to work and back, its been a bit of a chore lately due to me being sick and I think because its winter. This morning whilst it was a bit chilli, I really enjoyed my walk to work....

Even a work email which involves me doing a lot more work, didn't upset me.

My meal's have been planned for today, now I just have to stick to them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Struggling at the moment....

Just need to get this off my chest and use the blog for what I originally intended.

I'm finding that I am struggling at the moment and eating a lot of crap this week after dinner. I'm going away in 3 1/2 weeks and if I look back at previous times I've gone away I've stuggled with sticking to the WW program about this time before I go.

Well today I'm determined to be strong. I've even brought cut up veggies to nibble on today instead of WW cookies etc that I keep in my draw at work.

I've done half of my normal walk today (i.e. walking to and from work) and I will be going to the gym at lunch time... I just need a plan of attack for after dinner.

Brad's on afternoon shift this week and doesn't get home till about 11.30 p.m. and whilst it is lovely to have the house to myself, I'm finding that all I want to do is eat. Think I might make some 0 point veggie soup tonight so I can have that instead of biscuits after dinner.

Edit 2.15 p.m:- So far so good today. I've been to the gym at lunch time, did 15 mins on the bike, 15 on the cross trainer, 30 pushups on a bench (or bench presses) and 30 crunches.

I'm also eating better today. The veggies that I brought as snacks has worked a treat... Just need to make better decisions tonight and stick to them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Seeing Results in my clothes....

I walked to work again this morning and seemed to walk a bit quicker than normal. These days I find that I'm walking to the beat of the song that I listen to on my mobile. When I walk to work I tend to walk in gym gear and bring my suit etc in my back pack.

Well this morning I brough a suit I hadn't worn for about 2 weeks and now I'm finding that the pants are a size too big. They don't fit around the waist and in fact there is at least an inch of fabric that I can scrunch up. Worst part of all is that the pants don't have belt loops, so I can't wear a belt with it. The suit is only about 4 months old, so looks like I'm off to the tailors in the next few days to get them taken in. Hope it doesn't cost too much...

When I started this journey I was wearing size 26/24 tops and 22/20 pants. I'm now wearing 18/20 tops depending on the style and size 16/18 pants depending on the style...

Originally I also started this journey weighing 115.9 kilos in 2008. I restarted my journey on 30/05/2009 at 104.4 kilos and I now weigh 97.4 kilos.. All up I have lost 18.5 kilos....

Saturday, August 08, 2009

WI Day again...

Yep that's right WI day again today, boy they do seem to come around quickly these days.

I'm happy with my result this week, I lost another 1.2 kilos and CW of 97.4 kilos. This brings my losses to 7 kilos since I restarted at WW on 30/05/2009. Yeah me... I'm also getting closer to my trip weight of 95 kilos. Only 2.4 kilos to go and 4 weeks to get it...

I'm going out for lunch today with my brother, it was his birthday yesterday and he went out with some friends last night. He wanted a new Ipod and a pink one at that, so guess what I got him a pink one. Hope he likes it....

Saturday, August 01, 2009

5% Goal Achieved today - Yeah!!!!!

I can't believe the week as gone again and its Saturday weight in time again. At weight watchers today I lost another 700 grams which also saw me achieve my 5% weight loss. Very happy...... I am now well and truely into double digits with my weight being 98.6 kilos.

Its 5 weeks till I go overseas and with today's loss I have 3.1 Kilos to lose to reach my goal. My MP3 player is now official dead after charging it last week for 12 hours it only let me listen to 1 and a half songs this morning. After reaching my 5% weight loss goal and the fact that I-pods are on sale at the moment, I decided that I just had to buy one. I ended up buying a purple 1pod Nano (8g). Now I just have to download some more songs to fill it up.

My month without chocolate has also finished and looking back at the month, I did see better losses when I stopped eating chocolate. I was probably averaging about 300-400 grams per week before July and during July the averaged between 700-800 grams per week. So I'm going to see if I can do 2 months in a row.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance.....

Yes that's right I've been doing the happy dance since my WI this morning.

Today is a big day in my weight loss journey, I hit double digits and got my 5 kilo book mark today. I lost 800 grams this week to see my CW of 99.3.

(I restarted my weight loss journey on 30/05/2009 after losing 10 kilos in 2008 and then losing the plot)...

I did just miss my 5% goal and goal for July by 100 grams.....

Still doing the happy dance.... I'm so excited to finally be double digits again...

As a reward I bought myself some new shoes, its getting warmer in Sydney at the moment and I found this week I needed to start wearing sandles to work....

My MP3 player seems to have also died this morning, so I might just have to get myself a new one as my next reward.... Which will be for when I reach my holiday target weight... Might even look to see what the price difference is if I get it duty free when I go away compared to the retail price, but then again there is always sales....

Edit 6 p.m. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Yes I am still walking to and from work and its an 8 km round trip. I walk this 5 days a week. I've also started back at the gym and so far I'm doing 3 x 30 min works outs per week. On saturday's I get up at 6.30 a.m. and go for an hour's walk and then I also walk to and from my weight watchers meeting (30 min walk each way). I also track what I eat and seeing I do so much exercise, about 50-60 points work per week, I've been eating between 15-2o exercise points per week. I've been doing this for a few weeks now and I've been having losses of 700 - 800 grams per week. Can't complain I guess.

Brad took another picture of me today at 99.3 kilos, which is below.

I've also started a weight loss journey picture album on my facebook page, that way I can see my progress photos next to each other and can see how far I have come. Since I started this journey in 2/08 I've lost 16.6 kilos. I've had plenty of ups and downs along the way and lost my way a few times, but I have never really given up. I am a lot healthier, happier and more active now than I have been in a very long time.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mixed feelings about my weigh in yesterday

I weighed in yesterday and whilst I had a good loss, I also have mixed feelings about the result because I so wanted to get to double digits. I missed double digits just and not happy about it.

I weighted in at 100.1 kilos, missed my goal by 200 grams...... I know that it will happen this week but still not happy I didn't do it yesterday....

Sorry I just need to vent and get it all out of my system... Thinking back at my week and it was a pretty good week. I didn't pig out over the weekend, like I can do. I walked to work and back, I went back to the gym and did a few workouts, I tracked, drank my water and really watched what I ate.... One thing I didn't do was walk home from work on Friday, as it was really cold, I didn't leave the office until 6 p.m. and we were meant to be going to the local club for dinner, so I accepted a lift home from one of my colleagues.... I now keep thinking if only I did walk home I would have got double digits.... I also earn't about 50 exercise points on the weight watchers program last week and only ate about 15 of them, so I'm also thinking I didn't eat enough, compared to the exercise I did.

I spoke with my weight watchers leader about things yesterday and she suggested that if I'm going to earn so many points, then I might need to eat a bit more filling foods (not snack food). I'm going to work on that this week.

This week is going to be an interesting week, my work colleague is on 4 weeks leave so I get to do her job as well as mine (well originally it was one job but they split it to employ both of us and there is enough work for both of us).... PMS/TTOM is due, double digits will be mine, I need to track, stay focused, don't stress and things will fall into place.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've decided to up the exercise and see if it will help me lose my weight a little more consistently. I also realise that whilst I walk to work and back every day (4 kms each way) my body will get use to it and stop losing weight as efficiently.

So I've decided it time to go back to the gym. I went yesterday for the first time and was introduced to my new program, which is pretty good. Today I'm a bit sore and tired.... I'm due to go again today so that will be interesting. My trainer wants me to try spin classes, but I'm a little scared. I did try out a spin bike yesterday and whilst they seem harmless enough, the seats just hurt like... and I've also heard and seem some horror stories of people using these things. See what happens...

At this stage I'm only going to go to the gym in my lunchtime until I get use to it again and my body isn't so tired. Eventually I do want to look into the early morning classes or night classes as well.

Edited 1.50 p.m. I have been to the gym at lunch time and did:-

* Stomach crunches = 3 sets of 3 different types of crunches.
* Push ups 2 sets of 10 (on my knees and using a bench)
* 15 mins on the cross trainer at levels between 4 - 16.
* 10 mins on the bike.

Pretty happy with my effort today.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WI Day

Had my weigh in at weight watchers today and lost another 900 grams, which I'm pretty happy with.

I now weigh 100.8 and my goal this week is to get into double digits.

I can see of walking and good tracking for me this week. I so want to be double digits....

I've lost 1.4 kilos towards my Italy goal so I'm heading in the right direction.

Monday, July 06, 2009

2 months to go till I go away and time to get focused....

Its just under 2 months till I go away and whilst I'm not going to reach my original weight goal I do still have a goal in mind. So its time to get focused....

I weighed in on Saturday and lost another 500 grams so I'm now 101.7 kilos. I'd love to weigh 95 kilos when I go away, so yes its time to get focused...

One of the things I need to focus on is drinking more water. I'm good at drinking 0 point drinks i.e. diet soft drinks, herbal tea, sugar free V's etc but water is lacking. Also by drinking more water will save me some money, I have been buying 3-4 cans of softdrink a day and whilst they are only $1 each, over the course of a week I've been spending at least $20 on the stuff...

I'm finding that I'm chosing more filling foods and walking to work has really been helping with my weight... I was pretty good food wise this weekend which I'm pleased about. Previous weekends I'd been shocking and I really needed to walk to work so I didn't have a gain... I'm hoping for a good loss this week.

We also have a wedding coming up in November in Townsville and I really want to be under 90 kilo's for that. Its Brad daughters wedding and the last time they saw me was at my heaviest and I want to look good for any photos that are taken... Brad also wants to and needs to lose some weight and I tried to have a bet with him last night on who could lose the most weight between now and then but he wasn't interested. Not sure how I'm going to get him motivated to lose any weight at the moment... I know he needs to want to do it otherwise its not going to work, but at the moment he lacks will power.... Hopefully if he sees me losing weight that might spur him on.

Just need to stay focused and committed...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm still around

Yep I'm still around, I've been rather busy with my new job, well its not so new any more. My 6 month probation ends next week.

Whilst I'm always pretty busy doing stuff, I also never seem to have much to say on my blog these days, which is why I haven't had many posts.

I had a break from weight watchers for a while, and am now back into it. I went back to my meetings in the last week of May 2009 and had put on a nearly 5 kilos, could have been worse I guess.

My CW at my last weigh in was 102.2 kilos which is a loss of 2.2 kilos since I've been back. This month I'm aiming to lose anther 3 kilos which will see me under 100 kilos at 99.2 kilos.

I'm walking to and from work again and whilst some days I don't feel like walking, I do. Its the only exercise I tend to get these days....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Its been a while in between posts, mainly because I have been struggling with eating well and exercise for the past month, well exercise hasn't been too much of a problem but eating has been a big one.

Basically all I want to do is eat, and eat lots of it. I haven't been following any program and no that I have put on a little bit of weight, I don't know exactly how much cause I haven't been game to get on the scales (let alone go to weight watchers). I can see it in the mirror and feel it in my clothes. I also feel it on myself and I'm feeling pretty yucky about myself right now..

If only I could get my head from out of the clouds and get motivated again to stick to the weight watchers points plan. I did think about quitting but I know that I will only spiral out of control and probably end up weighing more than I did when I started this journey. I also thought about going 1 on 1 at the lifestyle centres but that isn't covered by unlimited and funds are pretty tight right now (Brad is off work with a shoulder injury and isn't getting paid). I also realise my life is worth more than $20 per week but as I said funds are pretty tight...

I need to be accountable to someone just not sure who, well apart from myself that is. Mmmm might just need to be accountable to this blog until such time as I'm back on track... Mmmm I'm also thinking this weight loss journey is going to be a bumpy ride for a little bit longer...

I also have the flu right now so I haven't been walking to work the past week and a half cause my body is just not up for it.... I did buy the new Wii Personal trainer game last week and did a few sessions. It looks like a great game/workout just need to feel healthier before I get stuck right into it. It is going to help me tone my body...

Well I guess I better get back and do some work, after all that's what they pay me for....

P.S. I'll start my accountability with my eating tomorrow....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Why Why

Sorry need to have a whinge at myself. Why do I do it to myself????? I know what to do to lose weight but why do I self sabotage????

I've been walking to work for the past 3 and a bit weeks and if I'm honest with myself my eating has been crap for at least the past 2/3 weeks. Why is it if I do exercise I tend to eat crap and if I don't exercise I stick to my points and eat healthy food??? Why am I incapable of doing both????

I guess the answers to this is why I have a weight problem and have bouncing around at this weight for the past 6 months.

I did manage to get under 100 kilos the other week but didn't really feel like posting a celebratory post cause I didn't get as excited as I should have....

I currently weigh 99.7 kilos and that's a total loss of 16.2 kilos over the past 13 months. Not all that great when you look at the time its taken, but at least I've lost something I guess...

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for the F1 Grand Prix and with money a bit tight this year, I'm planning on eating breakfast in the motel (cereal, skim milk fruit and maybe some toast). Also with the race being a mid afternoon race (not starting to 5.30 p.m.) the gates don't open until 11.30 a.m. We are planning on using the gym and pool at the motel, which is another good thing, especially given the late starting time.

This post isn't about feeling sorry for myself etc., it more to get some stuff out of my head that has been stressing me out for a little while....

Just need to do it... Fake it till I can make it......

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've been tagged........

I've been tagged by Heather to post seven things about myself...

So I thought I'd give it a go...hey, why not? :)

The Rules:
1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks about you.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

It could be nice if you post a personal photo with this post but I'm not going to....

Seven Facts about me:

1. I hate the colour pink.

2. I love my new job especially seeing I'm not responsible for the clients...

3. I can't sing to save my life but have been part of a huge mass choir (in high school).

4. I love traveling especially overseas.

5. I love walking...

6. I'm actually a pretty boring person....

7. I'm even struggling to come up with 7 original things about me.

Seven Unspectacular Quirks about me:

1. I can be annoying and painful person when I want to be.

2. I have size 8 feet and they seem to be shrinking the more weight I lose.

3. My favourite TV programme watching formula one motor racing..

4. I love my wii fit but don't use it as much as I should.

5. I love exercising when I do it but getting me going is the hardest part.

6. I'm getting a new phone on saturday.

7. Will not let Brad read this blog.

I don't know how to put links to other people's blogs so I'll just have to copy their URLs...

Dana = http://rambleatblog.blogspot.com/
Jodie =
Kim =
Sam =
Jo =
Tina =
Shazz =

Saturday, March 07, 2009

So Close but yet so far.....

Weigh in day always seems to come around so fast.

I weighed in today and lost 1.3 kilos and normally I'd be jumping up and down and very excited but not today. I was so close but yet so far away from double digits. Yes that's right just missed double digits buy a small tub of butter - 200 grams. My weight this week is 100.1 kilos... It's so not fair, surely I could have found a way to lose another 200 grams this week but nope not this little black duck... Oh well there is always next week and next week I will do it..

The good news is that I did make my first mini goal today and I'm 2 kilos closer to achieving my overseas weight loss goal. My reward for this was a new suit for work. I bought a brown pin strip suit from Autograph. I actually got into their size 16 pants, but were a little snug around my stomach and hips (the joys of being an apple shape) and a size 20 jacket (another job of being an apple shape is that you need to get tops/jackets a size or 2 bigger than the pants you wear, otherwise they don't do up around your stomach area). The other good thing they had a 20% off sale on Thursday when I bought it. Yes I knew that I'd get my 2 kilo goal by them even if it was unofficial.

I'm now 1.3 kilos off my 2nd mini goal and I'd love to get that before I fly to Melbourne in 18 days time... I'm so inspired at the moment and am thinking of continuing walking to work. I did manage to walk to work all 5 days last week. I even managed to walk to my WI and back today....

You could say I'm a woman on a mission right now. Just need to make a few better choices with my food and all will be good.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Walking to work again

Yes I did walk to work again today. I must admit that when my alarm went off this morning I didn't want to get out of bed and walk to work, but I did. I hate getting out of bed, but once I'm out all is fine.

For those who asked, my walk to work is about 4 kms and I can walk it in between 35 to 40 mins depending on how quickly I can cross the 2 major roads that I need to.

I so hope this helps with me losing the 700 grams I need to lose this week to get to my first mini goal.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Walking to Work and back

I have decided to walk to work this week to see if my body can cope with so much exercise and to see if I can do without a car.

Today was day one of walking to work and back and so far so good... I did enjoy my walk today, that much I'm going to give it another go tomorrow as well. Oh course I'm also hoping it will have a positive affect on my weight loss this week...

For those who are a bit concerned on what happens if it rains, well I have a plan. I can either catch the bus at the end of my street and that goes to a few blocks from work, or I can walk in the rain with an umbrella and & raincoat...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weigh in Day

I can't believe how quickly weigh in day comes around. At weigh in I lost another 500 grams which I'm pretty happy about.

To be honest my week wasn't all that good and I did eat a bit too much chocolate for my liking but nothing as near as I would have before weight watchers. I did manage to use the wii fit on Thursday night, walk to work & back, more wii fit on Friday night and Brad and I went for some walks this week. I even managed to walk to weigh in and home today. Exercise is on the way up again for me.

I'm even thinking of walking to and from work all 5 days next week. Will see how I go. I'm in the process of trying to reduce my expenses and are looking at ways that we can do that. One of them is to sell one of our cars, cause the only time we really need two cars is on the weekend and with some careful planning we can work around that one too. I can either walk or catch the bus to work and that is so much cheaper than having a 2nd car when it comes to petrol, insurance, rego, maintenance etc. Nothing has been decided on that, will see how I go next week with walking to work or not... I'm so sick and tired of money being tight and I think some extreme measures need to be taken...Brad and I have talked about this and will continue to do so until we come to some sort of agreement or decision on things.

Back to my weigh in results, my 500 gram loss has brought we to a weight on 101.4 kilos (back to were I was in September 2008, grrrr at myself for putting it back on in the first place)... and only 700 grams till I reach my first goal. I'm so going to work my butt off this week to get that first goal....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good and Bad Choices

You would think that I would have learn't by now but no I obviously haven't.

We went to the Entertainment Quarter for lunch today and I made a relatively good choice for lunch. I had a burger and out of luck more than planning it didn't come with hot chips. Mind you I did pinch a few of Brad's chips.

We also ended up walking around for 2 1/2 hours as we were killing time before the Celebrity 20/20 Cricket Match started. We got free tickets into the game cause Brad is part of the RFS (all RFS members and their immediate family got in for free) and his station helped out in Melbourne with the Bush Fires. I drank lots of water and diet coke but I slipped a bit today and ended up going over my normal daily points.

My bad choices came as follows:-

1. Golden Gaytime is 4.5 points but it could have been worse as I was originally looking at a Magnum and they are 8 points. However, whilst I enjoyed the gaytime it is so not worth the points!!!!

2. A meat pie and it wasn't even hot. Now this set me back 11 points and so not worth it. My choices were a bucket of chips @ 7 points, a hot dog @ 4.5 points or a meat pie and yes you guest it I took the meat pie. I haven't had one for over 12 months and at the time I just had to have a commercial pie but never again am I spending so many points on such a small item.....
I'm not beating myself up over it but as I'm typing this post, I can hear my weight watchers leader and her presentation about fast food at sporting events and the points values and what choices are better to make. If only I'd thought about this tonight...

My saving grace is that I had a healthy breakfast and some weight watchers snacks before I went and that we walked so much today. When my exercise points are taken into consideration I am still within my points for day but I am still disappointed at the choices I made today. I could have done so much better...

Lots of exercise and care points tracking for me over the next few weeks. I'd love to get to my 1st 2 kilo goal this week...

Just needed to get it off my chest before I went to sleep.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weight in Day and Measurements

This picture on the left is approximately how much fat I've lost since starting this journey, last year.

Today is weigh in day and I lost another 600 grams which makes it 800 grams in 2 weeks and only 1.2 kilos to go till I get to my first weight loss goal. My reward for achieving this is going to be the new Jillian Michaels Wii game (it was surpose to be out yesterday but has now been pushed back to 26/3/2009).

The past week I've been feeling that my work clothes are getting loser so I decided to measure myself again this morning. I was amazed with the results.

Thighs are 58 cm's (-8 cm's) 1/1/09 they were 66 cm's

Hips are 130 cm's (-13 cm's) 1/1/09 they were 143 cm's
Waist is 99 cm's (-4 cm's) 1/1/09 it was 103 cm's

Upper Stomach is 124 cm (-13 cm's) 1/1/09 it was 137 cm's

Chest is 116 cm's (-4cm's) 1/1/09 it was 120 cm's

Arms are 35 cm's (-9 cm's) 1/1/09 they were 44 cm's

All up I have lost I have lost 51 cm's off my body since 1/1/09. To be honest I didn't believe the results when I compared them to those I too at the beginning of the year and I had to measure myself twice before I actually believed them. No wonder I am starting to feel my clothes getting loser and I am starting to like the look of myself in pictures. My body is starting to shrink and not only on the scales.

It is such an inspiring thing for me right now...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today is a new day

8.15 a.m. I'm at work right now, mind you I should actually be working, so no pictures at the moment. Will put one on when I get home tonight.

I must admit that I did over eat yesterday. The cause was going out for a walk at lunchtime before I ate and going shopping last night on a hungry stomach. Whilst I did have my lunch at work, when I went out for a walk with a colleague I got something extra as well. Similar thing happened last night when we went shopping, went out before having dinner and then bought chocolate and a donut. Mind you my bf wanted to buy 2 donuts each and I did say no to him on that one.

Today is a new day and I've walked to work today to try and make up for yesterday. WI day for me is tomorrow. I will also walk home. Its a 40 minute walk each way.

Oh and I did do over 12000 steps yesterday as well.

The reason I am trying to reduce my intake of coke zero or diet soft drinks is that I find I have better weight loss weeks when I do reduce it. I tend to feel less bloated...

6.30 p.m. I ended up walking two and from work today and will all the running around the office I did today I've ended up walking 25,432 steps today. Yah for me.... I'm also thinking of walking to work every Friday. Friday is a good day to walk cause we can wear casual clothes and whilst I do take deodorant with me and put more on when I get there, it also means that I don't sweat in my business suits etc.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week so far....

Just thought I'd do a quick post about my week so far.

Well it didn't start out all that well food wise. All I wanted to do on Saturday was eat and eat and eat some more and unfortunately I did tend to do that. Yes I was way over on my points that day but I also had a little chat to myself on Sunday and decided that I wouldn't be doing that again.

Food wise since Sunday has been pretty good, I've been tracking my points and staying within them. I even went for a walk on Tuesday lunchtime for 30 mins and used my Wii fit tonight for 19 mins. I would have done more but I only decided to use it about 40 mins ago, so its a bit late to do a big workout. Whilst I would prefer to use the Wii fit in the morning, I just don't seem to be able to get up before work to do it and nights just seem so much easier. I'm just going to have to use it when ever I can and not focus on the time of day or night it is. I also have a pretty busy job and tend to walk around the office finding stuff, going to the printer, files etc so I got myself a pedometer and on average I walk around 10,000 steps per day. Today I did a little bit more and including the Wii Fit workout I've done 13,432 steps. I don't count this towards my exercise but I also realise that it is helping as I've been losing more consistently since I've gone back to an office based job. I'm also going to post my steps on this blog as well, it will serve as some sort of diary for me.

Oh and I did crack into double digits (99.9) on the Wii Fit scales tonight but I also know that there is approximately 1.5 kilos difference between the Wii Fit weight and WW weight. This weigh in was at night and with TTOM arriving. I'm pretty happy at the moment but also don't expect WW scales to show that weight on Saturday when I go for WI.

Work is going pretty well at the moment, we are really really busy, trying to learn the sytems, procedures, clients and get the work done. It does make for some long days but it also keeps me busy so I'm not focusing on food. I do tend to have my snacks for the day on my desk, but I'm that busy I don't focus on them until I decide it time to eat one. I'm pretty happy with my decision to change jobs and go back into an office environment.

I must admit that I am stuggling with only having 1 can of coke zero a day and need to do some more work on that one.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sorry I haven't been around much lately....

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, its just been really busy at work and I've been working 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and once I get home and check facebook and a few other sites, I'm just a bit too tired to post on my blog.

The good news is that I am still watching what I eat and am slowly losing weight. I just need to work out how I can fit some exercise into my day.

It was WI day today at WW and I lost another 200 grams, which brings me back down to 102.5 kilos. Pretty happy about that the loss considering the week I had with stress and PMS... LOL... A little bit of chocolate was eaten but no where near as much as I would have eaten even a few months ago. I'm feeling a lot more in control about things at the moment.

My brother and I have booked the air fair tickets to London and Italy, we leave on my birthday 4/9 and I'm very excited about it. I so love London and have always wanted to see Italy. Whilst we are in Italy we are going to the F1 Grand Prix in Monza, which I can't wait. Now I just need to lose lots of weight.

I was chatting to Shaz about my up and coming trip last night in the WW chat room and how I'm thinking of putting a weight goal attached to this trip. I know that I have tried this before and it hasn't worked but this time I'm goi
ng to be accountable to Shaz directly and she is going to keep me on the straight and narrow. Shaz is such an inspiration to me with her weight loss journey and to top it off she has just become a WW leader in Adelaide.

My Weight Loss goal is to lose 15 kilos between today and 1 September which gives me 31 weeks to lose this weight. During the conversation with Shaz, she got me thinking that I need to make a plan that I can stick to which will help me reach this goal. My plan is:- 1. To focus on 2 kilos at a time. 2. To walk for 30 mins 3 times a week. 3. To track my food on the online tracker and
to stick to my daily points. 4. To drink 2-3 litres of water per day. 5. To limit my coke zero drinks to 1 can per day. 6. To attend my weekly weight watchers meetings and actually stay for the meeting (which I do normally do). 7. To not put too much pressure on myself or beat myself up if I have a bad week. 8. Think positive. 9. Be accountable to Shaz.

I did weight in at weight watchers today and my weight was 102.5 which is a loss of 200 grams.

I now need to lose 1.8 kilos to reach my first mini goal.

On the right is a picture Brad took of me at Darling Harbour a few weeks ago. Surprise surprise I'm actually pretty happy with how I look in this photo. Don't get me wrong I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm starting to like myself more and more as I losing weight.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weigh in Day

Today is weigh in day and I lost another 900 grams, which is just under 4 tubs 250 gram tubs of butter.

Last week I also lost 900 grams. I'm so happy that I have lost weight 2 weeks in a row and now all the weight I put on over christmas/new year has finally gone.

Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I started my new job a few weeks ago and whilst I've been sitting with people learning the systems etc I can't believe how tired I have been when I get home. I've only really been on the computer for about an hour each night after dinner. The new job is going rather well. The lady I replaced left yesterday and whilst she is very nice, she is hopeless at the job she just left, even after being their for 3 years. We can't wait till this coming week so we can start to change the way we do things, to the correct way or a more efficient way. At the moment we spend at least half of our day looking for things...

I'm on a 4 day training course this week and it is catered for i.e. morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided. I so hope they have some healthy options as I don't want to undo all my hard work... I think I might take some fruit with me for morning and afternoon tea and see what they provide for lunch.

I'm pretty happy with how the past 2 weeks have gone, both with my weight loss and my new job...

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Hope you had a great and safe New Years Eve...

I haven't done my measurements for months as I haven't really been exercising and sticking to the weight watchers program. Well today is the start of a new year and like millions of people around the world I've decided to start a fresh today.

My measurements at the beginning of 2008 were:-
Weight Watchers Start Weight is 115.9 kilos
Arms are 44 Cm's
Hips are 143 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 66 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 137 Cm's

Weight as at 31/12/2008 is 103.4 kilos
Arms are 38 Cm's
Hips are 132 Cm's
Chest is 118 Cm's
Thighs are 59 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 126 Cm's

I did manage to lose some weight and Cm's and the results are:-

Weight loss is 12.5 kilos

Arms is 6
Hips is 11 Cm's
Chest is 2
Thighs 7
Upper Stomach is 11 Cm's

So all up I lost 12.5 kilos and 37 cm's off my whole body. I can't say that I'm all that happy with the results, however at least I am smaller and healthier.

My Wii fit age today was 26. This is based on my height, weight, results of my balanced exercise. Yesterday my Wii fit age was 34....

Edit:- 11.30 p.m.... I managed to do 60 mins of the yoga exercises on the Wii fit today and I felt so good afterwards. I so needed a good stretch after yesterday's workout. Not sure why but every time I go to do a Wii Fit workout Brad has to come down stairs in the middle of it and interupt me or sit there an watch me. It really annoys me and puts me off the whole thing. I wish he would just leave me to it...

Yesterday I managed to do 40 minutes of cardio with the majority of it being jogging. I actually jogged around the island twice (11 mins each time). Half way during the 2nd jog I got a cramp in my calf muscle, needless to say I did continue and finish the jog. I ended up having a sore calf muscle all night.