Sunday, May 25, 2008

Revised Weight Loss Goals.

With my overseas holiday only 17 weeks ago, I've decided to change a few of my goal rewards around. I have 15 kilos to lose before I go away so I will need to be on track the whole time......

* 10% weight watchers goal of 104.3 kilos is going to be a Gym Membership (will probably be the local non fancy gym but that's OK)

* 100 kilo goal is a Wii (might get this duty free when I go away, if they sell them)

* 95 kilo goal is a Wii Fit (might also get this duty free when I go away, if I can)

* 90 kilo goal is a shopping trip in Pukhet.

* 85 kilo goal is a Day spa for a facial, massage and pedicure.

* 80 kilo goal is a Games for my Wii.

* 75 kilo goal is a Day spa for another facial, massage and pedicure.

* 70 kilo goal is a weekend away with Brad (venue to be decided yet)

* 65 kilo goal is a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

17 Weeks to go

There is 17 weeks to go and I'm getting very excited..... I'm off on another Overseas trip. This trip and the shopping I'm planning on doing will be my goal for reaching 90 kilos. Now I've just got to get there and I've got 17 weeks to do it.

We are spending 8 days in Pukhet shopping and relaxing, which is also going to be great.

The picture above is an picture of Pukhet from the air.

This picture is a picture of Singapore from the air.

My brother and I are off to Singapore for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Now I love going to a Grand Prix but this one is extra special because it will be the first night race ever.

I've never been to either of these two places so it should be a great holiday.

Brad is staying home this trip and looking after my 2 cats Zac and Zelda.

Take One Step at a time.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weigh In Week 14 (Weight Watchers)

Week 14 weigh in @ Weight Watchers this week.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos

Last week 17/5/2008 = 108.4 kilos
This week 24/5/2008 = 105.9 kilos
Loss this week 2.4 kilos.

Loss so far 10 kilos in 14 weeks (previously I was including the 2 weeks that I didn't weigh in at Weight Watchers but have now decided not too).

This week was like starting all over again as it was Brad's first week at Weight Watchers and it was a week that I was feeling in control of things again. Brad also had a good week and lost 2.3 kilos. I am very happy for him but also pleased with myself that I lost more than he did (only just).

Exercise didn't really happen this week, only twice, so this week we are going to increase it to 3 times (joint exercise).

Take One Step at a time.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I have been tagged

I've been tagged! Arr, to find 7 friends to tag back.


1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog .

7 random facts about me:

1. I enjoy going for long walks.
2. Yesterday I left the company that I have worked for, for the past 21 years.
3. I've just booked a trip to Pukhet & Singapore F1 Grand Prix for September 2008!
4. I so hate Ford cars but love Holden ones.
5. I own hundreds and hundreds of teddy bears.
6. I want my Nintendo Wii now!!!!!!!!!
7. I still miss my mum every day!

Sorry but I'm tagging: Lisha, Me, Wanna Be Slim, Kiss, Heather, Jodie-Melbourne, Diet Coke Rocks.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feeling Optmistic about things...

I think I cat fairy has blessed my house over the past few days, well maybe not but since Brad has joined weight watchers yesterday things have been a bit better.

Yesterday was a bit of a tense day, as he was getting use to the program and points system. I can't believe he read each and every page of both points guides during the day. I helped him plan his food yesterday and got the feeling that I'd have to plan both of our food diaries every day and so wasn't looking forward to that. Some days I can barely plan my own food, let alone someone else's. The only meal we eat the same is dinner.

Brad gets up a few hours earlier than me, you could say he's a morning person and I'm not, so by the time I'd gotten myself out of bed, he had planned today's food all on his own (we had already worked out what we were having for dinner the night before). I have to admit I was really impressed, I only had to suggest he eat a little more at lunch time instead of snacking during the day. At the moment he seems really focused on this. For his stake I hope he has a good week this week, otherwise his mojo will probably slip. Oh he has also found the joy of increasing your fluid to 8 cups a day, when your not use to it. The only toilet we have is upstairs and right now he wants to put another one in the laundry downstairs (really old townhouse with only one toilet).

The weather was quiet chilly today and I wasn't feeling very well, think a cold might be coming on but we did manage to go for a 30 minute walk tonight. I need to slowly introduce him to walking, that way he can keep up with me. I so hate when we go for a 60 minute walk, cause its a bit too far for him to keep up with me and I end up walking about 8 paces in front of him and think why bother walking together, I should just go by myself instead.

I'm feeling very in control at the moment and great about this journey again.

I will get to goal, one day!!!!!!!!!!! It will happen I just need to keep taking one step at a time......... As my weight watchers leader said to me the other day, we will have lots of bad times during this journey but all that matters, is that we keep going on it and never give up.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weigh In day

Its weigh in day again and I must admit that I have tracked my food all week or exercised since last Sunday. So I'm grateful of the following results:-

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos

Last week 10/5/2008 = 107.9 kilos
This week 17/5/2008 = 108.4 kilos
Gain this week 0.4 kilos.
Loss so far 7.6 kilos in 15 weeks.

As I said above I only have myself to blame.

Good news is that Brad joined Weight Watchers today and is now doing the points program with me. So far he is keen to know about the points program and interested in the point value, which is good. The good thing was that there was actually 3 other men in the meeting today, which will keep him inspired to keep going to the meetings (I hope!!!!!!).

After working out how many points Brad can have I so wish I was a man. He weighs 17 kilos less than me, but because he has a fairly physical job and is a man he gets 10 points a day more than me. So not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Again I so wish I was a bloke sometimes.................

I'm using today as a clean slate and looking forward to the week ahead. I have already been for a 30 minute walk this morning and will go for another 30 min walk this afternoon.

Edited later:- Was too cold for Brad tonight and we didn't end up going for the walk, but we both kept to our points for the day. First time in a few weeks for me.....

The sad note today was that my weight watchers leader left our meeting today, as she has been recruited to the pilot program that weight watchers are having, being one on one consultations in Myers stores. Anita is a lovely leader and it was really sad to see her go, I just hope the replacement leader is just as lovely and bubbly, as the leader makes all the difference to the meeting. She will be missed by lots of the members.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Note to myself.

I need to remember to drink 2 - 3 litres of water per day..........

I need to walk 60 minutes per day............

I need to track my points and stick to them every day...........

I need to remember that I do not need junk food or chocolate...........

I need to remember that I do not need to emotionally eat and
there are other ways to release stress etc.........

I need to remember I can do this.............

I am worth it and I love myself..............

Feeling a bit out of control

I should use this blog more often than I do, especially to get some of the thoughts and feels that I carry around inside of me out.

I have been feeling so out of control the past few weeks and have been meaning to come and blog but it felt just too over whelming to come and type my problems out.

2 1/2 weeks ago I resigned from my job, which mind you I've worked for this company for 21 years. The main reasons I resigned was that I was stressed which started to affect my health via tension headaches, unhappy, hate the pressure of the job and basically I need a change. I did look for something different within the company but there was nothing I was happy doing. Deep down I so think I need to get out of Banking but that's a scary thought as its all I've really ever done. So now I leave this company in just over 1 1/2 weeks time. The future is a little scary but I'm sure I will be fine. I am in discussions with one of my clients and we are looking for me to do some contract work for them with a new product line. I do have the added comfort of having 14 weeks long service leave up my sleeve but once I pay a few bills, that money isn't going to go to far, so I have to ensure this new product line works and works fast.

I also so hate not being in control of my life and what happens to me. I haven't been all that happy with Brad and his lack of motivation when it comes to getting a job which has also put pressure on me. So far he is working casually but doesn't always get work and was using the excuse that he didn't have a car to use as an excuse. I did offer him mine and I would walk to work but he didn't like that idea. So after lots of discussions and fights between Brad and me, my brother and I have decided that he can use Dad's car as it is just sitting there doing nothing. We were going to sell Dad's car as it wasn't being used by Paul decided that if Brad can use it then we will keep it. He has now been working more regular since he has had the car.

As I've said before I also haven't been happy with my weight loss efforts to date. I do realise that they need to fit into my life and not the other way around but still 2 kilos in 6 weeks just doesn't cut it for me................ I also realise that I am the person who buts the food into my mouth and chews it, so I only have myself to blame on this one. This week has been a bit better and I'm hoping for a good result come weigh in day on Saturday. Saturday is also the day that Brad starts weight watchers. I've also been encouraged this week with Brad taking more interest in what food he has been eating and what the points value is of the food. He has also been cutting down on how much he has been eating and was complaining how hunger he was last night. Mind you this was after dinner and we had 4 slices of roast beef, 2 baby potatoes, 2 small pieces of pumpkin, 2 small pieces of sweet potato, 1/2 cup of peas, 1/2 cup of beans and 1/2 cup of corn kernels for dinner. Well all I can say is that I was stuffed after eating that. My battle at the moment with Brad and his food is getting him to eat 2 pieces of fruit and 5 servings of veggies each night. Last night with the roast was easy but its not going to be that easy every night. Tonight we are having Satay Chicken with stir fry veggies with rice so he will probably only have 2 or 3 servings of veggies. Well I guess that is better than nothing and maybe I'm just being too hard on him. He does try hard and there has only been 2 meals that I've cooked that he didn't like.

I also having a problem with not being able to do things by myself. It seems that every time I go shopping that Brad has to come with me, we don't always shop together but its hard getting use to him always being there. I do get to go walking by myself but that is mainly because Brad doesn't have proper walking shoes and ends up with sore feet and also he can't keep up with me. Don't get me wrong I love having him around, its just that I'm a very independent person who loves her own space and doing something by myself.

Sorry if this sounds all over the place but basically I've just typed it as I was thinking about it.

I'm sure things will get easier and better.

There is heaps more that I'd love to get off my chest but I have a few things that need to be done right now so I'm sure I will be back tomorrow to continue this little rant.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reward Goals

I've been thinking about how I can reward myself along my weight loss journey. I'm also hopping that these can keep me on track. My reward goals are:-

* 10% weight watchers goal of 104.3 kilos is going to be a Gym Membership (will probably be the local non fancy gym but that's OK)

* 100 kilo goal is a new push bike (the one I have is too big for me and I don't use it cause I can't stand up properly on it. I will probably sell it on ebay).

* 95 kilo goal is going to a Day spa for a facial, massage and pedicure

* 90 kilo goal is a shopping trip in Pukhet.

* 85 kilo goal is a Wii

* 80 kilo goal is a Wii Fit

* 75 kilo goal is a Day spa for another facial, massage and pedicure

* 70 kilo goal is a weekend away with Brad (venue to be decided yet)

* 65 kilo goal is a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Now weight watchers Online (Ultimate package) has a final goal weight of 63 kilos for me. I'm not sure if I will get there as my goal was 65 kilos for me but I have a goal anyway for it. It will be a weekend away in Melbourne, shopping, seeing Carlton play AFL, eating in Lygon St and generally showing Brad around Melbourne.

Brad and I have had a long chat about losing weight and that he wants to lose weight but not sure how to go about it or what he needs to do. As part of our chat I suggested that he joins Weight Watchers and he has decided to join Weight Watchers too, this Saturday. I'm happy about this as it will make things easier for me in my weight loss journey, as presently he is bringing a lot of junk food etc into the house and at the moment I don't have the strength to resist. He doesn't need to lose as much weight as me, but he does need to lose about 25 - 30 kilos and if we do this together, we can help each other out and support each other.

Take One Step at a Time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weight in - Week 14

This is what half of kilo of fat looks like and this is what I lost this week. I should be happy with this but I'm not really.

Today was weigh in day at weight watchers.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos

Last week 03/5/2008 = 108.4 kilos
This week 10/5/2008 = 107.9 kilos
Loss this week 0.5 kilos.
Loss so far 8 kilos in 14 weeks.

I'm happy I've lost 8 kilos but I'm not happy how slowly its taken since Brad moved in. I've been looking at my weight results since he moved in and they have been all over the place and this is because he has been sabotaging me and I've been letting him. He tells me that he wants to lose weight but he keeps buying me ice cream, cream (light) and light custard etc. If I'm to get to my goals then his has to stop. We had a serious talk today and I suggested that if he is serious about losing weight then he has to join Weight Watchers with me and come along every week. To my surprise he has agreed to join next week and going forward it is going to so much easier staying on track.

I also explained that him bringing junk food into the house including light cream & custard has to be reduced, I don't have the will power to say no to it at the moment. We go through 1 litre of light custard and one aerosol can of light cream a week. My problem is if junk food, custard, ice cream, cream etc is there I will eat it, if not then I want.

I also haven't made my goal for the half way mark in the FX End of Financial Year Challenge. My goal was to lose 5 kilos by this week but I have only lost 2.7 kilos. I will need to pull my finger out and keep focused if I'm to make my 10 kilo goal loss for this challenge.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day and we are planning on walking the 4km Mothers Day Classic. I would walk the 8km's but Brad can't walk that far at the moment. As it is we will start out together on the 4km walk and he will end up slowing down, so we will finish it at different times.

Take on Step at a time.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Weight in Day 3/05/2008

Saturday was weigh in day at weight watchers. Sorry its taken till now to post this but I've been slack.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos

Last week 26/4/2008 = 107.6 kilos
This week 05/4/2008 = 108.4 kilos
Gain this week 0.8 kilos.
Loss so far 7.5 kilos in 13 weeks.

I only have myself to blame for this gain, as I've eaten like a pig all week. It's amazing I didn't put on more than this. I also didn't exercise at all last week.

My bad eating continued all weekend as well but I'm glad to say that today is another day and I'm back on track today.

Take each step as it comes.