Friday, October 05, 2007

MMMM Time for reflection

MMMMM its time for reflection on what to do about my health and my weight. It seems like that I am always doing this and finding a plan of attack but never stick at it long enough for it to work.

Well it has to stop now because my health is at Risk. Whilst I have also know it is a Risk, it is now reflected on my medical results and others know about it too. I can no longer say with honesty that whilst I am fat I am also healthy!!!!!!!! Now that might be a bit dramatic but its how I'm feeling right now.

MMMM This time I know that what ever I choice to do, it needs to be something that is easy, fits into my life style and that I can do forever. Big decision and lots of thinking and research to do.

After thinking about my results and getting some advise from a great group of women from a site I visit regular, I do realise that the results are not that bad or the end of the world, but they were a real shock for me. Even though my mum had diabetes and lower than normal B12, I still never thought I'd ever have a problem with them.

Some of these ladies have suggested me getting out my CSIRO books again, reading the Syndrome X book by Dr Sandra Cabot or the Low GI diet my Dr suggested. I did get out the Syndrome X book and have tried reading this before but found it a little too technical and hard to read. This time I've started reading the parts that I feel are relevant to me and what's happening with my body, whilst this program is very restrictive, it does have some great sounding recipes in it.

The more I read about what I should be doing the more dizzy my head gets.

I have started taking my vitamins again today, so I'm taking the following:-

1. a multi vitamin.
2. Calcium supplement.
3. Vitamin B12 (new to the list)
4. Fish Oil tablets
5. my anti depressant tablet
6. Nasal spray for my hay fever
7. Antibiotic's (for my hay fever and infected sinuses.)

Now when I have them all out on the kitchen bench I feel like saying "god do I really have to take all these pills, people will hear me coming from a mile away cause I will rattle."

Now the search is on for a sustainable eating program that will improve my cholesterol, reduce the risk of diabetes and lose weight. And it also has to be easy, fit into my lifestyle and something I can do forever, so none of these fad diets/eating plans for me.

Well I'm off tomorrow for a 2 hour walk with Linda which should be good. Better go and get some sleep.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm feeling better about it.

Take One Step at a time.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

So upset with myself.

I'm a little upset at the moment as I got the results of my recent blood tests were not that good. Dr has advised me the following:-

1. I have a slight B12 deficiency, so I get to take B12 tablets.

2. Cholesterol is at 5.5 and whilst on the higher side of normal, he would prefer it to be lower,

3.I am borderline diabetic or to use his woulds I can't call you a diabetic yet?

4. My fat around my liver is also higher than it should be.

So basically I need to lose weight, especially around my stomach and hips. His advice at the moment, is to follow a low GI diet and take B12 tablets. Oh the operation that I'm looking at having should help with me losing weight.

Oh and ice cream, cream, chocolate etc are not on the menu for me anymore, otherwise I will become a full blown diabetic.

At this stage my head is still spinning around and around with what do I do first.

So basically all my emotional eating and my inability to control what I eat and how much I eat is finally having a toll on my health & body and not in a good way.

Take One Step at a Time.