Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weight in Week 21

Weigh in day was yesterday and the results were fair, some would say pretty good but for me it is fair.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 19/7/2008 = 103.8 kilos
This week 26/7/2008 = 103.3 kilos
Loss this week 0.5 kilos.
Loss so far 12.6 kilos in 21 weeks.

My exercise is improving, however I so need to get my eating under control.

I've again switched to core this week to see if I can control my eating and stop eating so much crap.

We went to the football last night and I was really good. I took all my own food, which was 95% core and didn't buy anything else when I was there.

Today we went into the City to the Rocks markets. We walked around for 2 hours before having lunch. We ended up having lunch at City Extra and I had a beef burger with the lot & some chips. I didn't eat all of the bun or chips. Lunch didn't comply with core rules, which is OK but it did cost me 13 points, I'm so glad we went for a walk through the gardens & The Domain for 90 minutes. I ended up earning 13 bonus points, so they can cover my lunch.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Attempts to Jog.....

Yes you read the title right. Late this afternoon I decided that I wanted to attempt to Jog. I had been thinking about it for a few days but was too embarrassed to attempt it.

Today I went for a 60 min walk with bf this morning which was good and then this evening I decided that I felt like another walk. During this second walk I decided on the way home to try doing some jogging. Mind you I didn't jog very fast by anyone standards and would jog for say 3-4 power poles, then walk for a while etc and ended up jogging for about 10 mins all up. I'm happy with my start and I really felt like I'd done some exercise.

When I walk with bf I always feel like I haven't had a work out, as he walks slower than I do.

I've decided to start the Couch to 5 km run program again, I attempted this a few years ago and never got past week one cause one of my knees started to hurt. I will have to see how this goes.. This program is where you learn to run 5kms in 9 weeks. I will start week one tomorrow.

I'm happy with my exercise today.....


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weigh In - Week 20

Today was weigh in day and I lost 1.7 kilos. I am excited because I also got my 10% weight watchers gold star today.

It seems that the gym workouts are finally starting to pay off and be noticed on the scales.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 07/7/2008 = 105.6 kilos
This week 12/6/2008 = 103.9 kilos
Loss this week 1.7 kilos.
Loss so far 12 kilos in 20 weeks.

I'd not have come this far without the help from the ladies in the weight watchers chat room who have helped me through the past few weeks, to keep going and not give up, whilst I have been down and sick.

Now to concentrate on the next goal of double digits. Bring this challenge on.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Weight Loss Challenges

I'm a bit down and struggling at the moment so I thought I'd remind me of my 2008 Weight Loss Goals. They are:-

1. To get back on track and stay within my daily weight watchers points. This is an up and down thing. I am back on track at the moment and tracking. Any excess points I use I make sure that I do extra exercise to cover them.

2. To remain focused and ask for help when I slip. Asking for help is a hard one for me, as I think that I am a failure. I just have to remember that I am human and not perfect.....

3. To get to my goal weight (even if it takes more than a whole year and probably will).

4. To drink 3 litres of water/fluid a day. This is fairly easy to do at the moment, especially with the gym.

5. To exercise for 1 hour a day (might need to break it up to 2 x 30 min sessions). Achieving this since joining the gym.

6. To complete the End of Financial Year Challenge on FX - done

7. To blog my weight loss journey and refer back to it when I struggle. Still struggle with this one.

8. To be honest with myself and not beat myself up too much when things don't go to plan. Totally suck at this one but I am trying to improve.

9. To complete the Step into Spring Challenge on FX (1/07/2008 to 29/09/2008)

10.To complete the Star Team Challenge on Weight Watchers. (7/07/2008 to 29/09/2008)

There are 2 new challenges that I've decided to join, one on FX and the other on Weight Watchers. They run for 12 and 13 weeks which will help to keep me on track. The FX one has already started, where as the WW on starts on Monday. I have said that I'd love to be under 95 by the time these challenges finish but bearing in mind that I will be away for 2 weeks of them (towards the end of the challenges) it might be a stretch. I do know that if I keep focused I will achieve it but keeping focused is a problem at the moment.

I'm feeling like nothing is happening with my weight at the moment. Since joining the gym, I've been going 4 times a week (90 minute workouts) and together with the gym & walking I'm burning 3000 a week. I realise that my food hasn't always been good during this time but the scales just aren't moving, so I'm getting frustrated. Its also starting to get me down and I've started thinking of quitting weight watchers. I had a great chat with a few people online last night who reminded me that I am doing really well and under no circumstances am I to quite weight watchers LOL. They also reminded me that I have lost 11 kilos so far, changed my eating habits, am healthier, joined a gym, have great online friends to chat to and that I haven't given up yet. I realised that with the gym I am probably building some muscle and that my weight will start to shift. I just hope it is soon and that I just have to be patient. Big ask I say, I'm not good at being patient...............

I have found a new quote that I like, especially for when I am going to eat something that is either naughty or high in points. My new quote is How long is it going to take to work that off at the gym??????


End of FX End of Financial Year Challenge.

I so cant' believe that this challenge has ended and that 13 weeks has gone by. It has happend so quickly.

I didn't achieve all of my goals but then again I did reach about 60% of them.

Goals where:-

1. To crack the 100 kilos mark. Result was I reached 104.4 kilos or loss of 6.4 kilos or 60%.

2. To exercise 1 hour every day. Result was that I only achieved 60% of my exercise calories as I lost the plot between April and June.

3. To stick to my calories/points every day. Result:- I know that I only achieved this 50% of the time.

4. To not pig out on chocolate. Result:- This one is a hard one as I do tend to pig out of chocolate once a month when I have TTOM. I guess I have improved on that one.

My Lesson in all of this is that I only put in 60% of the effort so I only got 60% of the results I wanted. I really only have myself to blame on this one.