Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weight in Week 25

This picture reflects what I have to do this week. LOL

Weigh in day today and the results were pretty good, considering I was expecting to stay the same.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 23/8/2008 = 102.6 kilos

This week 30/8/2008 = 101.1 kilos

Loss this week 1.1 kilos.

Loss so far 13.7 kilos in 24 weeks.

I'm pretty happy with this weeks results, whilst I would have like a few more grams and who wouldn't I'm happy. I now have 2 weeks and 2 days till I go away and I have 1.1 kilos to lose in this time. This is totally achievable. Mind you during this time I also have a birthday and TTOM but I can still do it.

At weight watchers today we were talking about being our own cheer leaders and had to come up with some goals for this week. Mind are below:-

1. To track my food and no go over my points.
3 x 20 minute extra in exercise so I can have some birthday cake.
3. I will not eat my usual exercise points (I can eat my extra ones on cake)

I normally earn betwen 30-40 points for exercise for the week but as my birthday is this week I have pledged to do more. So if I want a slice of birthday cake then I have to earn the points for it.

Every Saturday I walk to weight watchers and back. When I walk there it takes me between 25-30 minutes depending on fast I walk, however when I walk home I walk home the long way which takes me between 60-70 minutes. Well today when I walked home I had some shopping in my back pack and boy was it heavy, I couldn't believe the difference it made me feel and how much harder it was to walk home. Well I weighted my back pack when I got home and it weighted 6.7 kilos, I could believe it and was in shock, just a short time ago (well it feels like for ever) I had this weight (plus more) actually on my body and was walking around with it...

It made me realise that losing weight makes me feel so much healthier and its so much easier to exercise when you are losing weight.

I am the most important person in the world.

12 Tips to a Heathly Person

This is my image of a healthy person and whilst I may never actually wear a bikini I still picture this kind of image.

I found these tips on a CD ROM of Annette Syms (Symply too Good to be True cook book author) and I thought they were great. To remind me of them I thought I'd post them here.

I also love the following sayings:-

* If it is to be then its up to me.
* I am the most important person in the world.

12 Tips to being a Healthy Person

1. Think and act like a Healthy person.
2. Take Control of food and don't allow it to control you.
3. Reduce the stress in your life.
4. Reduce Salt.
5. Reduce caffeine.
6. Reduce the fat in your food.
7. Reduce alcohol.
8. Exercise at least 3-4 times per week.
9. Stop smoking
10. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.
11. Eat the quantities of food that your body needs.
12. Be Happy - smile - think positive and live life to the fullest every day.

I am the most important person in the world

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sugar Cravings and 6 Ways of beating them.

Sugar cravings I've been having them the past few days. I was originally stumped as to reasons why and now I hope I'm not trying to sabotage my own weight loss efforts.

I've also been searching the net and have come across a couple of interesting articles that I thought I'd share.

So what can you do about the sweet cravings? Here are 6 simple things you can do to help take control over the cravings:

1. Eat a low GI diet. This slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and prevents rapid insulin surges. It keeps you feeling full for longer and prevents a rapid rise and fall in blood sugar levels. I'm thinking of incorporating low GI foods into my diet when I come home from overseas....

2. Get more chromium. Chromium is a trace mineral required for insulin to work properly, helping sugar to move into the cells efficiently. It is found in liver, brewers yeast, wheat germ, and mushrooms. A good multivitamin will also have some chromium in it, and some supplements are available that have a therapeutic dose of chromium for blood sugar imbalances. A therapeutic dose is at least 200mcg of 'elemental' chromium, but don't take large amounts for long periods of time without seeing a natural health professional.

3. Use the herb Gymnema. Gymnema can be useful for reducing sweet cravings, and reducing the sweet taste sensation on taste buds, making it less appealing to eat sugar laden foods. It can be taken internally with guidance from a naturopath or herbalist, and you can even make up a spray to use whenever you get sweet cravings. Spraying it directly on the taste buds seems to stop things from tasting so sweet and you are less likely to want to eat them.

4. Eat enough fibre. Fibre is important for slowing sugar absorption and making you feel full. Eating plenty of vegetables (preferably raw) will provide fibre, as will foods like brown rice and oats. You can also put a couple of teaspoons of psyllium husks on a low GI cereal or even in a drink to take before meals. This will combine with water and expand in your stomach, making you feel more full. You must increase your water intake when you have psyllium husks though, as they don't work on their own.

5. Clean your teeth! After dinner, clean your teeth right away. This works well for many people because you are less likely to snack on sweets when you have that minty taste in your mouth, and if you do, you know you have to clean your teeth all over again! This is not getting at the causes of sugar cravings, but it at least provides a way of helping to get you out of the habit of late night eating.

6. Snack smart. Between meals, you need to eat foods that satisfy you and nourish you, and prevent big rises in blood sugar. Try to have only nuts, seeds, and fruits, with the occasional low GI muffin. You can get roast chickpeas from the supermarket which are good. Many have added spices making them a tasty savoury treat. Also try a handful of mixed nuts like almonds, brazils, and cashews, and seeds like sunflower seeds and pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Good fruit choices are apples, pears, and strawberries. Whole fruit is best, but something you can do to have a healthy snack on hand is to make up 'fruit kebabs' every couple of days and keep them in the refrigerator. Cut up chunks of apple, strawberries, and other low GI fruits, thread them on small skewers, drizzle with lemon juice, and store in a glass jar in the fridge.

You can also reduce sweet cravings by substituting regular sugar with natural sweeteners like xylitol and stevia.

Curb your sugar cravings

Author: Philip Burt

Do you ever have a sudden overwhelming urge to eat something sweet, whether it be confectionary, ice cream or other sweet foods?

Many of us experience this sugar lust at some stage.

After satisfying this craving there is often an attack of the guilts. You know it wasn't such a good dietary move but you were almost powerless to avoid it. This phenomena is known as carbohydrate craving or sugar addiction. There are two main causes of carbohydrate cravings: low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), and stress/depression. When you binge on high-sugar snacks, blood sugar levels increase significantly, resulting in increased insulin, which functions to lower blood sugar levels back to normal. Often insulin over-performs and lowers blood sugar to less-than-optimal levels. This vicious cycle of low blood sugar to high blood sugar back to even lower blood sugar causes an energy crash that makes you want to eat even more sugary foods to compensate for the crash. The cycle can be broken by helping insulin to normalise blood sugar levels. Chromium Picolinate Insulin's little helper is the mineral chromium picolinate, which makes your body's cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin. Numerous studies have shown that taking chromium picolinate supplements can curb excessive levels of insulin and make insulin receptors more responsive to its effects. By way of analogy, chromium picolinate helps to reset your body ís insulin and blood sugar thermostat. Without the peaks and troughs of high and low blood sugar and the subsequent craving to increase blood sugar levels, you no longer have the instinctual urge to consume high carbohydrate foods. In 2005, researchers put chromium to the test by giving 113 carbohydrate cravers either daily chromium picolinate supplements or placebo pills for eight weeks. At the end of the study, the participants receiving chromium picolinate (but not the placebo) had almost totally overcome their frequent sugar cravings. What's more, they also had lower overall daily food intake, meaning that they didn't compensate for their sugar cravings by eating more from other food groups. The dosage of chromium picolinate used in this study was 600 mcg per day (3 x 200 mcg tablets per day). Serotonin The second major underlying cause of carbohydrate cravings is depression and stress. People who are stressed or depressed often have lower levels of a neurotransmitter named serotonin in their brains. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Carbohydrate consumption increases the secretion of serotonin in the brain. Hence many stressed and depressed people learn to self-medicate (increase their brain serotonin levels) by overeating carbohydrates. So if the real reason that carbohydrate cravers binge on sweet foods is because of a subconscious need to increase their brain serotonin levels to make themselves feel good, isn't there any other way to increase serotonin? Yes there is! Whey Protein Fortunately, the primary mechanism for the body's production of serotonin is via the conversion of an amino acid named tryptophan into this much needed neurotransmitter. Whey protein is a powdered supplement of all of the good elements of milk (not the carbohydrates, not the fat, only the beneficial protein components). One of the good proteins in whey protein is named alpha-lactalbumin and it contains particularly high levels of the serotonin-friendly building block, tryptophan. Well-conducted clinical studies have shown that a diet containing whey protein increases brain serotonin levels by 48% more than diets that don't include whey protein. Therefore, whey protein can circumvent the desire to indulge in carbohyrates to increase serotonin, by providing tryptophan instead of carbohydrates as a building block for serotonin. Whey protein also operates on another level to reduce overall appetite. It increases feelings of satiety (fullness) by increasing levels of a hormone named cholecystokinin (CCK). In one study, whey protein increased CCK levels by 60% more than other types of proteins. The suggested dosage of whey protein for eliminating carbohydrate cravings is 20 to 25 grams per day. Brindleberry Until you have successfully kicked your carbohydrate habit, it may be helpful to minimise the negative effects of over-indulging in sugary foods. Brindleberry contains a compound named hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that helps to prevent the sugars that you ingest from becoming body fat. HCA diverts your body's metabolism of carbohydrates away from the pathway that leads to body fat and redirects carbohydrate metabolism into the production of energy (a good thing for most people). Studies have shown that HCA also increases serotonin release in the brain by approximately 12%, which provides further support for its role in beating carbohydrate addiction.


Do you have fat eyes?

There is a post of this on the Weight Watchers Forum today and I thought I'd use it as today's entry.

"When you look in the mirror do you see any difference?

Are the clothes loose,and the scales say it but the mirror doesn't reflect it?

Could, it be that for so long this big person has been staring back at you and that you have come accustomed to seeing this person that the thinner person doesn't come through?

What are your thoughts on this and how are your eyes?"

My thoughts are:-

No I can see the weight loss and toning in the mirror and this is the first time I've done weight watchers that I have been able to. Where I still have to work at it, is to do with tops/tshirts etc., when I started I was wearing a size 26 and now I wear a 18-20 but when I hold them up I say to myself that no they will not fit, and am surprised every time they do.

I worked out last night that this is the 10th time I've tried weight watchers. Some attempts I've lost only a few kilos and given up whilst others I've lost up to 40 kilos and given up. This time is the last time that I am rejoining weight watchers as I am determined to get to goal no matter what....

I am the most important person in the world and my health depends on it.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Help Chocolate - mmmmm

Chocolate - mmmmmmmm now I thought I had this under control and that the cravings were gone. How wrong I am. The past 2 days all I have done is crave chocolate. I did cave in yesterday and had 2 pieces of Toblerone chocolate (giant size 25g per piece) which were good but I didn't even enjoy that much. I am so lucky that Brad ate all the toblerone and there is none left.

Today all I've been craving is chocolate and yes I've had some more. Again I am over my daily points for the day but the difference is that I do not feel satisfied after eating this chocolate. I do have plenty of exercise points which well and truly cover all of this chocolate. I have had chocolate under control for about a month now and I am so frightened that I will have a big binge and undo all my good work....

Lindt chocolate is my down fall and I do have some Lindt hot chocolate in the fridge (but out of sight). Basically Lindt hot chocolate is grated Lindt chocolate. I'm hoping out of sight and out of mind. At the moment I'm trying to keep my self busy so I don't go and eat it my the spoon full.

Its pretty sad at the moment all of my waking thoughts are of chocolate. Mind you did does make me feel yucky after I have more than a little bit of it.......

Oh and its not PMS time so I'm at a loss as to why I am so obsessed about chocolate these past few days.

Had to get this off my chest and vent a little over chocolate.


Monday, August 25, 2008

EGO - we need to do a rethink.

OK I go this idea from the weight watchers forum and think its a great idea. It not only helps with our weight loss journey but with our overall self esteem...

EGO - we need to do a rethink.

I love myself; I think I'm grand
I love to sit and hold my hand
When I grow up, I'll marry me
And then I'll start a family

Does anyone remember this playground rhyme? Sorry but I don't remember it, however I still think its a great one OK, I'll admit that it goes back to the 1950s BUT I think the relevance is still with us today. Love ourselves? That was not a concept that the Australia, that I grew up in accepted. THAT was the way of conceit; arrogance; "insufferableness" and needed to be FIRMLY NIPPED IN THE BUD. It was for the good of the child.

When I read the weight watchers threads or blogs, it seems to me that a sense of self worth has been a bit of a casualty over the years. So, my question for today is:

"What do you love about yourself?" NB: No false modesty allowed :)

I personally find it hard to love my body, however I do love seeing the results from all the hard work that I do.

I have done weight watchers many many times, however the one difference I've noticed this time, is that I am seeing the differences of my body and I do notice the loss of weight in the mirror as I go along.

Don't get me wrong I also get very frustrated with my journey but overall I am over the moon with how far I have come....


Saturday, August 23, 2008

How sweet.....

Following our fight last night, Brad gave me the following card. Yes the man can be sweet and lovely sometimes.

Oh and yes we have apologised to each other and things are better, even though he tried to restart the fight this morning before I went to WI
. Mind you he also wanted me to stay home and have 4 hours of sex with him, unfortunately I had to decline this rather tempting offer, as I was meeting a friend for breakfast & coffee after weigh in. There are always another opportunities.........

Love and Adore You...

I heard the music when true love called,
a song sent from heaven on silver wings.
The whole world was dreaming,
wisps of light streaming,
as the stars spilled their magic upon you and me.

The tune was more lovely
than the nightingale's song,
more delicate than a rose weeping,
yet as powerful as the sun leaping
to shed golden ribbons in herald of dawn.

And I bow down before you,
the one my eyes have longed to behold,
my lonely heart pining,
love Light shining,
I swear that I shall love and adore you.


Weight in Week 24

Weigh in day today and the results were pretty good, considering I was expecting to stay the same.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 23/7/2008 = 102.6 kilos
This week 16/7/2008 = 102.2 kilos
Loss this week 0.4 kilos.
Loss so far 13.7 kilos in 24 weeks.

I've just noticed that its been a few weeks since I've posted a weigh in result. Naughty me LOL.... Must get better at being more accountable for my actions....

Only a couple more kilos till I'm at double digits and I'm so going it give it my all to get there before I go away (3 weeks on Monday). I've also decided to go back to points and I seem to be able to keep my portion sizes under control and that's a must if I'm to get to double digits.

I've already been for 2 walks this morning. First I walk to my weight watchers meeting which is 30 minutes away and then I also walk home, however when I walk home I walk the long way which takes about an hour. This morning my walk home was a little longer with it taking 75 minutes.

I'm on track with my points so far today, which is a great start to the week. I did not buy any junk food whilst I was at the shopping centre today.

Edit:- Its now 11.16 p.m. and I have 3 points left. I know that I should eat all my points especially seeing I've earned 7.5 points in exercise but I am not hungry. I'm going out for lunch tomorrow so I will save them for that. We are having lunch with my brother and at this stage I do not know where we are going... I'm a bit bored with the Olympics at the moment so I might go to bed...


Stress Management

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, 'How heavy is this glass of water?'

Answers called out ranged from 8oz. To 20oz.

The lecturer replied, 'The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it.'

'If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm.

If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance.'

'In each case it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.'

He continued, 'And that's the way it is with stress management. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on.'

'As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden. '

'So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work/life down. Don't carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow.'

'Whatever burdens you're carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can. Relax; pick them up later after you've rested.

Life is short. Enjoy!'

And then he shared some ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

1 * Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue :devil7:

2 * Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

3 * Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

4 * Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.

5 * If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

6 * If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

7 * It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.

8 * Never buy a car you can't push.

9 * Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

10 * Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

11 * Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late. :laugh5:

12 * The second mouse gets the cheese. :eyebrows:

13 * When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

14 * Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

15 * You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person. :love:

16 * Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once. :thumbu2:

17 * We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.

18 * A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

* * * * Have an awesome day and know that someone has thought about you today ! !


Friday, August 22, 2008

Need to Vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - No need to comment


Men can be insensitive and I think I've found the one and only man who is takes the cake. I am just so over it right now and am wondering if I just disappeared would any one even notice or care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you might be able to tell, Brad and I had a huge fight tonight and right now if I never spoke with him again I don't think it would worry me too much (don't me wrong I do love him and would be lost without him, I'm just angry right now). He would have to be the most self-centred, self righteous, pig headed man I have ever met, even worse than my ex Jason who always use to sponge of me. Whilst typing this he has even tried to interrupt me and continue where we left off. God can't he live me alone for 30 minutes, doesn't he know when to quit and enough is enough. If I've walked away from the fight then just drop it....

Our fight was about many things, some of the little and trivial but it was mainly about money. Even since I left working for the Bank, all we seem to do is fight over money or lack of it. We are trying to set up a business, working for one of my ex clients and it isn't going to plan. I feel like we are being stuffed around and I'm so ready to explode. Why is it always up to me to fix things and get things organised, can't he do things for himself/by himself?????

I haven't been sleeping well (waking every hour) and I feel like I haven't had any sleep this week at all. I hate being stressed especially over money. I hate feeling like we are always at each others throats, me supporting our life style and that I'm no fun to be around.... Needless to stay this business is not bringing in any money at the moment and we are living off savings. Savings don't last for ever and they are quickly being spend, especially seeing we do have a mortgage as well. I'm so glad that I put some money away in a high interest account for my trip.... Some might say that I'm mad going overseas during this hard time, and putting so much financial pressure on myself by leaving a secure job to start my own when I have a mortgage. What you don't understand is that I felt like I was drowning in this job, the finance industry is such a demanding industry, from both clients management, they just don't care if they break you or not. The more you give them the more they want. I was so unhappy with my job that it was starting to affect my health and I was finding myself getting more and more depressed. I've been there done that and don't want to ever go back into that deep dark depressed world. The only thing to do was to get out......

I'm also so over my good for nothing eldest brother who I don't speak to any more. I don't speak with him because he did not even visit our dying father in the nursing home, the whole 53 weeks he was there. Whilst his brother lives in Wollongong he does work in Sydney and has to drive within 5 minutes of where my father lived. Also this good for nothing brother is now holding up the estate being finalised, as he has not provided Dad's solicitor the information they need to lodge the estate's tax return and then distribute the estate. Whilst he might not need the money, I most certainly do. I'm sick of leaving messages, emails etc for him to provide the information. As from today I've told the solicitor to contact him directly, maybe they might have more luck. There is no love loss with this brother and it wouldn't worry me if I never spoke to him again. I haven't spoken to him since Dad's funeral in January. I think my brother Paul has only had a few text messages asking him how he was going following his heart attack and hasn't heard from him since March.

Its been raining all day and that's also annoying me. Its still raining now and that keeps me awake.....

There really is not need for any comments on this entry, all I am trying to do is get things off my chest so I can try and sleep in this rainy weather..... At the end of the day things will be OK with Brad and the business, we are just going through a rough patch. But then again it feels like we are always going through a rough patch.

I've calmed down a bit now and things don't seem so bad as they did when I was lying in bed trying to relax and go to sleep.


Daffodil Day - 22 August 2008

Cancer remains one of Australia's biggest health problems. With 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85, the chances are you'll know someone who has had this terrible disease.

Funding research into cancer is one of the best ways we can work together to protect those we love, and that's exactly what the Cancer Council hopes to achieve with Daffodil Day, Friday 22nd August 2008.

Below are pictures of my parents Pam and Stan.

As both my parents have had this terrible disease this cause is very close to my heart. To support their fundraising I purchased my Daffodil Day pen and today I bought a bunch of fresh Daffodils.

My dad survived non hodgkins lymphoma in 2003/2004 and then was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate and Bone Cancer in November 2006. He
lost his battle in January 2008. Aged 75

My mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and lost her battle 8 months later in October 2005. My dad never got over this loss. Aged 71

RIP Mum and Dad - You are both together again and not in any more pain. You are sadly missed everyday...........


Time for a Visual Update

I think it is time for me to remind myself just how far I have actually come with my weight. The best way I know how is visually.

This picture is of me before my weight loss journey began and I weighed in at 115.9 kilos.

Sad thing is that I thought I looked good in this photo...

This picture is of me at 110.6 kilos on 1 April 2008

These two pictures were taken today with me at 102.7 kilos. Its a bit hard for me to notice the difference as the clothes in the first picture are too big for me... Typical apple shape I am, I think my legs are looking kind of skinny in the 2nd picture but the top half of me has so weight still to lose. Then again I do still have about 38 kilos to go to get to my goal weight.

Sorry it appears that I don't seem to like to smile in photos....

When I look at the photo before I lost weight and the one today I can notice a big difference and I need to remember this and use this as one of the many things to inspire me to keep going. I am far from being happy with the way my body looks.

Below are some photos of my bf Brad. He started weight watchers in April (I think) to help support me but found it too hard. I think that was because his heart wasn't in it and that he was trying to lose weight for me.

This is Brad on the 2008 Australia Day weekend in Townsville. This would be my favourite photo of him.

The photo below is Brad today he has put on about 6 kilos since the top photo was taken... He is only 5 foot 3 inches so the weight is very noticeable.

Oh and I also thought that my blog could do with being refreshed. I also added some of the photos on the side bar and reasons that I want to lose weight. This way they are a little more visual and easier to access than searching through past entries to find.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

25 Days till I go away & struggling with my weight....

OK by now anyone that reads my blog is probably sick of hearing about my planned trip away. We it's 25 days till I go away and I'm starting to wonder what I will take with me.

The good thing about going to Phuket is that I can get some clothes made for me and buy some bootleg stuff there too. I've decided that I am going to take with me 3 tops and 3 pairs of shorts and some swimmers. The rest will be bought there...

I already have one pair of swimmers which is a top & pants and I will wear a pair of board shorts with it. I think the top is still a little tight due to my stomach but bf thinks it looks OK. Pictures to the left is a pair of swimmers that I bought today and I will wear my board shorts with them too. Lucky the shorts and others swimmers are blue. (Oh and it's not me in this photo)..

I also admit defeat that I am not going to make my 95 kilo goal so I can go shopping. I am also struggling to get under 100 kilos at this rate, however I am determined to make it under 100 kilos before I go. I also want to look better in my swimming top (the one I already own).

During the past few days I've been struggling with my portion sizes and the whole concept of Core, so I've decided that after WI on Saturday I'm going back to points and I will not eat any junk food before I go away, including chocolate. If I go out for a meal I will make a healthy choice (which will happen as I go out for lunch every Sunday with my brother and my birthday is in 13 days time).

I have eaten well today which is a good start. Sorry for the ramble on but I had to get this off my chest.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weight loss Things to remember

I've been doing some sole searching the past few days as I'm still struggling with what I eat.

I've found the following tips to remember and I thought I'd share them:-

1. You have within you the resources to achieve success.
2. If you think you can or think you can't your are always right.
3. Believe in yourself.
4. Water flushes away the fat.
5. You are in charge of your results.
6. It's time to be in control of your life, no more excuses.
7. Slim People are active.
8. Slim People eat to live rather than live to eat.
9. Slim People rarely snack but when they do its a healthy snack.
10. Slim people drink more water than other liquids.
11. Slim People avoid high fat foods.
12. Slim People listen to their stomachs and stop eating when satisfied.
13. The more active you are the better you feel, look and fat you burn.
14. Don't beat yourself up if you slip up, habits take 21 days to form.

I've also been looking at the reasons why I want to lose weight. These are:-

* My brothers cardiologist told me that I had an increased risk of heart disease since he had a heart attack when he was under 50.
* To have control over food i.e. to eat the live not live to eat.
* I want to look and feel healthier and sexier.
* To improve my overall health.
* To have more energy.
* To buy clothes that not only look good but are smaller in size.
* To live a longer and better life.
* To live longer.
* To improve my self esteem.
* To feel more attractive.
* To have control over my life.
* I already have pre-diabetes and I don't want full blown diabetes.
* So the air plane tray table sits flat and not up against my stomach.
* So I can have an active life and not huff and puff when I'm out and about.
* To be proud of myself.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Planned Overseas Trip

For those who either don't know or can't remember, my brother and I are off to Phuket and Singapore in 4 weeks today.

We fly from Sydney to Singapore with Qantas for 1 night and then fly with Asia Air to Phuket for 8 days. These 8 days will include some shopping, sight seeing and relaxing. I'm also planning on getting some jeans and shorts made for me. At the moment I seem to be one size in the legs at the moment and another size around the waist. I so hate being an apple shape.

After Phuket we fly back to Singapore for 7 days. The main reason we are going to Singapore is to go to the first night Formula One Motor Race. We will also be spending some time sight seeing and taking things easy.

I so can't wait for this holiday. The past 4 years have been rather stressful for my family and it will be so good to get away for a while.

The stresses of my live over the past 4 years:-

1. Dad diagnosed with cancer - October 2004
2. My mum diagnosed with breast cancer - Feb 2005
3. My now exbf diagnosed with DVT - April 2005
4. My dad being rushed to hospital, gall bladder - June 2005
5. Me being diagnosed with depression and starting therapy - July 2005
6. My mum struggling with her cancer battle - June - September 2005
7. Mum losing her battle with cancer - October 2005
8. Dad being rushed to hospital and nearly died - December 2005
9. Nearly breaking up with darling bf - January & April 2006
10. Started looking after 2 portfolio's at work (300 clients) January 2006
11. Breaking up with bf - August 2006
12. Brother committed suicide - April 2006
13. Dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and bone cancer - November 2006
14. Dad moved to a nursing home January 2007
15. Dad passed away January 2008 (53 weeks after being moved into the nursing home).
16. The day before Dad's Funeral, my brother had a heart attack. He has survived and turned his life around. He has given up smoking, lost 20 kilos and walks 2 x 30 mins every day. He is such an inspiration to me.
17. Decided that I could no longer work for the company that I did because of the increasing stress and demands, and I resigned in April and left in May 2008.

The one thing I have learnt during this time is that I am a rather strong person and that I can do and get through anything that life throws at me.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today's Weight Loss Journey

I've been out and about most of today. We did go out for lunch at an Italian restaurant today and whilst I ate some garlic bread and a few after lunch chocolates I did have a core lunch of Pasta Napoletana which was very filling. I'm quiet proud of myself for sticking with a core option and not just eating anything that was on the menu.

I hadn't done much exercise this weekend and felt like going for a walk tonight when I got home. I've just come back from a jog/walk of 6 kms. Basically I walked for one block, jogged for the next, then walked etc. Some of the blocks were bigger than others and whilst I came home a bit tired and sweaty, I'm feeling pretty good right now about my achievements.

OMG only 4 weeks till I go overseas and I still have to get to at least double digits.... No more chocolate for the next 4 weeks and lost of exercise for me.

My body does some strange things somethings and really does my head in. Yesterday was WI and due to it being TTOM I few hundred grams heavier than last week, however today when I got on the scales I was a kilo lighter than yesterday. I realise that carry fluid this TTOM but a kilo difference in 24 hours and when TTOM hasn't finished yet is just ridiculous......


Friday, August 15, 2008

Cleaning out the wardrobe

This photo is "Someday clothes' are broken into weight groups".

I decided last night that I would go through my wardrobe and throw out all of the t-shirts, shorts, tops, jumpers and jeans etc that are too big. Mind you I decided that I had to try everything on first so it was quite an ordeal and took well over an hour to do. In the end I had 4 garbage bags that went into the charity bins this morning. About 6 weeks ago I gave about 6 or 8 (can't remember exactly) garbage bags to the charity bin.

Oh and another reason for going through my wardrobe was to make room for the clothes that I intend on buying when in Phuket and Singapore in 4 weeks time. LOL.... Just need to lose a bit more weight first.....

Now I only have clothes that fit me and a few that are still a bit too tight. Its like I'm in between a size 18 and 20 tops at the moment.

My mum died about 3 years ago and when I was going through her clothes before they were donated to charity I decided to keep a few of her sweat shirts/jumpers. Well up until now they did not fit me. I tried them all on last night too and I can get into them all and all but one is a little big. The one that is tight is a Katies size 18 (real size 18 not a fat store size 18). I'm so happy, whilst there is less than 3 weeks of winter left, I actually have clothes that fit and I haven't had to buy any of them.

Brad made the comment yesterday that I've lost heaps of weight and that I'm looking good. He also made the comment of "well weight watchers actually does work doesn't it". Surprise Surprise. Now if he would go back to losing weight my life would be a bit easier.

I also posted the above information on the weight watchers GU 100-110 thread today if you read it.

WI is tomorrow and whilst I have eaten better this week and exercised well. TTOM came yesterday so I'm not expecting a loss this week.


Monday, August 11, 2008

City to Surf Event

Yesterday I walked in the City to Surf event. The professional & serious runners (red bibs) started the event at 9 a.m. and then those that had run last year under 100 mins (green bibs) and then the blue bibs (first of the general public) at 9.15 a.m and then the yellow bibs (including prams and wheelchairs).

I was in blue bibs group and I can tell you its not a good feeling when someone in a yellow bib, including those running with prams and wheelchairs pass you. I did soon get over it cause there wasn't anything that I could do about it.

I walked the whole 14kms and was happy with how I went. I had been walking the event with a friend Lynda once a month but on the day she and a couple of her friends decided to run/jog the event so for a while I walked by myself. I wasn't too worried about walking by myself cause there where lots of others walking by themselves and later one of her friends Richard stopped jogging and I caught up with him walking and we walked together the rest of the event.

According to my HRM I walked the 14km in 2 hours and 22 mins which I'm rather pleased with. Normally in practice we would walk it in about 2 hours and 45 mins. I think Lynda was a little surprised when she saw me cross the line when I did.

Map of the starting points, course map and finishing line.

One of my other friends Shona wants to run at least half of the event and I'm thinking of joining her. Shona lives on the other side of the same suburb as me, so we can train together.

I just have to start jogging/running on a regular basis, and will start the couch to 5 km running program in October when I'm back from my holiday.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Don't you Quit

Words of Wisdom ...
I cant afford to forget.....


When you've eaten to much and you can't write it down,
And you feel like the biggest failure in town,
When you want to give up just because you gave in, and forget all about being healthy & thin.
So what! You went over your points a bit,
It's your next move that counts...
It's a moment of truth, its an attitude change.
It's learning the skills to get back in your range.
It's telling yourself "You've done great up til now. You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow."
It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal,
You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.
To stumble and fall is not a disgrace, if you summon the will to get back in the race.
But, often the strugglers, when losing their grip,
Just throw in the towel and continue to slip,
And learn too late when the damage is done,
that the race wasn't over...they still could have won!
Lifestyle change can be awkward and slow,
but facing each challenge will help you to grow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
the silver tint in a cloud of doubt.
When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit,
If you bite it, you write it...

'Author Unknown'

I really like this one and have it printed out on my wardrobe to read every time I open it.


Mirror Mirror

Thought you might like this one.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Do you have to tell it all?
Where do you get the glaring right
To make my clothes look too darn tight?
I think I’m fine but I can see
You won’t cooperate with me,
The way you let the shadows play
You’d think my hair was getting gray.
What’s that, you say? A double chin?
No, that’s the way the light comes in,
If you persist in peering so
You’ll confiscate my facial glow,
And then if you’re not hanging straight
You’ll tell me next I’m gaining weight,
I’m really quite upset with you
For giving this distorted view;
I hate you being smug and wise
O, look what’s happened to my thighs!
I warn you now, O mirrored wall,
Since we’re not on speaking terms at all,
If I look like this in my new jeans
You’ll find yourself in smithereens!!


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Weigh in Week 22

Weigh in day today and the results were pretty good, I was a little disappointed as I expected to lose a bit more but oh well what can I do but try harder this week. LOL.

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 02/8/2008 = 103.3 kilos
This week 26/7/2008 = 102.7 kilos
Loss this week 0.6 kilos.
Loss so far 13.2 kilos in 22 weeks.

My exercise is improving, however I so need to get my eating under control.

I spoke with my leader regarding my eating and she has suggested that I do eat a little more but to make it healthy options and not snacky kind of stuff. So I am going to try and eat more fruit this week as my snacks and see how I go.

I do know that I am going out for lunch today with my brother, City to Surf practice walk tomorrow so lunch out at the Gelato Bar in Bondi Beach, dinner out Tuesday at the club and my brothers birthday is Thursday so I'm out for dinner again this night. I will have to remain focused the rest of the time and remember to exercise.... Wow what a week its going to be.


Friday, August 01, 2008

Jeans for Jeans Day today in Australia

Its Jeans for Jeans day in Australia today so please wear your jeans to work and buy some Jeans for Jeans day merchadise.

For more information the website is


Monthly measurements:-

Weight 26/12/07 is 114.8 kilos (Weight Watchers Start Weight is 115.9 kilos)
Arms are 44 Cm's
Hips are 143 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 66 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 137 Cm's

Weight 05/06/2008 is 105.9 kilos
Arms are 40 Cm's
Hips are 138 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 62 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 130 Cm's

Weight 25/06/2008 is 104.5 kilos
Arms are 39 Cm's (loss of 1 cm)
Hips are 132 Cm's (loss of 6 cm's)
Chest is 117 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)
Thighs are 59 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)
Upper Stomach is 129 Cm's (loss of 1 cm)
Waist is 103 cm's

Weight 25/06/2008 is not sure weigh in is tomorrow. Will update this after that.....
Arms are 37 Cm's (loss of 2 cm)
Hips are 129 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)
Chest is 116 Cm's (loss of 1 cm's)
Thighs are 58 Cm's (loss of 1 cm's)
Upper Stomach is 125 Cm's (loss of 4 cm's)
Waist is 100 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)

That's another loss of 14 cm's for the month of July and a loss of 48 cm's all over since I started my weight loss journey.

I'm happy that my measurements are doing something even if my weight doesn't seem like its moving as I'd like it too.