Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Measurements for June 2008

Now my weight on the scales hasn't gone down much this month and I do realise that the month isn't over yet. So far its been a month of gaining, losing, gaining, losing etc so tonight I decided that I needed to take my measurements again.

Weight 26/12/07 is 114.8 kilos (Weight Watchers Start Weight is 115.9 kilos)
Arms are 44 Cm's
Hips are 143 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 66 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 137 Cm's

Weight 05/06/2008 is 105.9 kilos
Arms are 40 Cm's
Hips are 138 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 62 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 130 Cm's

Weight 25/06/2008 is 104.5 kilos (nearly 10% goal achieved and TTOM has now come in the past few days so I doubt I'll get there this week.)
Arms are 39 Cm's (loss of 1 cm)
Hips are 132 Cm's (loss of 6 cm's)
Chest is 117 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)
Thighs are 59 Cm's (loss of 3 cm's)
Upper Stomach is 129 Cm's (loss of 1 cm)

That's a loss of 14 cm's for the month of June and a loss of 34 cm's all over since I started my weight loss journey. Just think of what I can do when the effects of the gym kick in and if I stick to the weight watchers program properly.

I'm happy that my measurements are doing something even if my weight isn't moving as I'd like it too.

Since joining the gym and after discussions with Brad, I've decided that I do not need to purchase a Wii and Wii fit so I have again adjusted my weight loss goals. My side bar has been updated with the new goals and I will try not to adjust them anymore. I just need to pull my finger out and start achieving some of them.



Exercise - not my favourite word. You could say that I hate the thought of exercise. Whilst I do exercise I don't exercise enough.

Now its good that Brad has joined the gym with me, as he tends to drag me there. Once I'm at the gym I'm OK and get on with my workouts and I do feel fantastic (tired) but fantastic afterwards. You would think that would be enough to get me there, but NO its not.

My trainer has mapped out the following program for me:-

10 mins warm up on the treadmill.
15 mins on the x-trainer
15 mins on the exercise bike
6 mins on the rower
3 x 8 reps of upper body weights
10 mins warm down on the treadmill.

I burn just over 400 calories on the above program according to my HRM.

Brad's program is similar. he doesn't have to do the exercise bike instead he has more weights to do, which only take say 5 mins and finishes before I do. You would think that he would use the treadmill until I'm finished but no he sits down and waits for me to finish. Annoys me really.

Now that all seems easy enough and pretty straight forward. All I can say is that everything is except for the x-trainer and that is hard.

Since joining the gym I can't believe how much my fitness has decreased. I guess it has been 18 months since I've last been on a x-trainer and then I was doing 20 mins on the machine, on levels between 7-10.

Now I back to the beginning on level 1 and can only do 7 mins and then it really hurts my legs. I can't wait to get my gym fitness back up..... Mind you my overall program is longer & a bit harder than it use to be and the only really hard part of it is the x-trainer.

We have decided to go 5 days per week. The above program we do 3 days per week and on the other 2 days I do the following program:-

22 mins including warm up on the treadmill.
22 mins on the exercise bike
3 x 8 reps of upper body weights
22 mins including warm down on the treadmill.

This program burns about 350 calories according to my HRM.

I found that I needed to give my legs a rest of a day from the x-trainer. When using the exercise bike I tend to use the random hills setting and use level 5. I did start on level 4 but after a few days it got a bit too easy. Level 5 is still a bit of a challenge on the high hills but I'm sure it will get easier as time goes on.


45 Natural Highs

I found this on a weight loss site that I frequent, so I thought I'd share it.

1. Falling in love.
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts.
3. A hot shower.
4. No lines at the supermarket.
5. A special glance.
6. Getting mail.
7. Taking a drive on a pretty road..
8. Hearing your favorite song on the radio.
9. Lying in bed listening to the rain outside.
10. Hot towels fresh out of the dryer.
11. Chocolate milkshake (vanilla or strawberry).
12. A bubble bath.
13. Giggling.
14. A good conversation.
15. The beach
16. Finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat from last winter.
17. Laughing at yourself.
18. Looking into their eyes and knowing they Love you
19 Midnight phone calls that last for hours.
20. Running through sprinklers.
21. Laughing for absolutely no reason at all.
22. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful.
23. Laughing at an inside joke with FRIENDS
25. Accidentally overhearing someone say something nice about you.
26. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
27. Your first kiss (either the very first or with a new partner).
28. Making new friends or spending time with old ones.
29. Playing with a new puppy or kitten.
30. Having someone play with your hair.
31. Sweet dreams.
32. Hot chocolate.
33. Road trips with friends.
34. Swinging on swings.
35. Making eye contact with a cute stranger.
36. Making chocolate chip cookies.
37. Having your friends send you homemade cookies.
38. Holding hands with someone you care about.
39. Running into an old friend and realizing that some things (good or bad) never change.
40. Watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much desired present from you.
41. Watching the sunrise.
42. Getting out of bed every morning and being grateful for another beautiful day.
43. Knowing that somebody misses you.
44. Getting a hug from someone you care about deeply.
45. Knowing you've done the right thing, no matter what other people think.

Take One Step at a time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joined a Gym today

Well Brad and I went and joined the local gym today. Its not a fancy one but it has all the equipment that we need and its cheap.

We've got an appointment tomorrow afternoon for fitness induction and not really looking forward to that, but then again we are both booked in at the same time, so I guess we are doing it together. I really don't need someone to tell me that I'm fat and unfit. I already know that. Oh well the sooner its over and done with the better and I can get my program written and I can start to get fitter.

I'm not quite at my 10% goal yet only 600 grams to go and I'm hoping this will get me there.

Take one step at a time.

Scale of the World - Days 10 and 11

Time To Climb? Day 11 of 32

"Scale" -- An increment of time.

How do you find time for it all?

You have a life. Perhaps you have a family, a demanding job, a series of hobbies, and a tendency to procrastinate a bit.

Although you are almost a third of the way up the Round Mountain, you may be wondering, "Hey, do I really have the time for all of this?"

No. You do not.


Notice I didn't say create "the" time. I said "create time." This will be your job as a manifesting Scaler. You will create the time you need.

The reason I use the word "create" rather than "make" is because our goal here is a life of creativity, not a life of "making", which sounds as drab as it actually is.

We use words and concepts that inflame the senses and empower the imagination. Why live an ordinary life? Thinking in ordinary terms is a sure-fire way to do just that.

Let's create some time today, shall we?

A study conducted at Harvard University found that the average person has over 4.5 hours a day in which they do absolutely nothing worthwhile. This factors in an average of 7.5 hours of sleep and a 9-hour work day.

That's pretty amazing, isn't it?

What's more amazing is this -- each participant was asked how much spare time they had prior to the study.

Over 90% said NONE.

Are you one of the 90%? Let's create some truth along with some time today.

Here are two steps to creating more hours in the day. We will cover how best to use those hours in upcoming climbs.

The first step is an exercise called Core Timing.

First, take out a sheet of paper and write out the basic schedule you follow. Even if your life is somewhat unpredictable, try to narrow it down to basic concepts -- blocks of time, if you will.

Now, assign a number to each event. You will rate the event or block of time on a scale of 1 to 3, with "1" being an absolute TOP priority core value-based activity. "2" is a core value-based activity, but it's not one of your top 5 core values. It's merely "important". "3" is something that's really not a core value-based event at all, just something you simply 'do'. This does not mean it's not needed from time to time, but rather that it's not truly important for survival or for who you want to become as a Scaler.

Core Values are one-word descriptions that define who you are and what you value the most. These are things that you would both live for and even die to protect. Examples include love, family, God, integrity, freedom, truth, reason, beauty, health, contribution, and so-on.

This is the biggest of big pictures.

Please, be honest! If you really think that your Monday night bowling league is a "1", I'd ask you to re-think your core values. It is highly doubtful that you'll be remembered for the number of strikes you made. Sure, bowling may be fun for you, but it is more likely a "3". The social interaction with friends that comes with bowling may be a 1 or a 2, but you should look at the event truthfully. Is the real reason you bowl for escape or for interaction with friends?

Again, there's nothing 'wrong' with 3s. You just need to identify them.

Your job may not be a "1", believe it or not. If your job is merely a position rather than a career that serves your highest core values, rank it a "2".

When you finish this assignment, you may be surprised to find that the majority of your life is being spent in the 2's and the 3's.

Now ask yourself another question:

"What must I do in order to live the majority of my life in the 1s, doing and becoming what I truly desire?"

Over the next few weeks, you will receive answers if you keep asking this question. From there, only you can rework your schedule to reflect a desire to spend more time in the 1s.

Guess what? Any sort of scaling is a 1. Whether it's your body, your family, your finances, your desire for greater abundance spiritually or emotionally -- these are all 1s. This is where the majority of your life should be spent.

What is great is that 1's often require less time than
2's and 3's. This alone will free up hours in your day. Once you focus on the absolute essential "you", time has a way of manifesting itself in a powerful way.

This is one of those exercises you just have to do and practice to believe. I am expecting great results from you.

Our second exercise for today is called TimeTracking, and it's a bit easier to pull off
than Core Timing.

All you have to do is make a list of five things that you would give up in your day if it meant having the body and the wealth of your dreams.

The catch is that you cannot give up the means to achieve either. You must assume employment, even if it's a different job, and you must grant yourself time to exercise for energy and to eat for fuel.

Here are some examples:

- Television (perhaps only an hour versus two) - Reading books that do not move you closer to what you want to become - Spending too much time getting ready and not
enough time living life - Going out to eat too often - Living out of ritual rather than out of purpose

- Spending too much time on a task (also known as being a 'perfectionist')
- Spending too much time on the internet (except for reading "Scale The World", of course!)

You get the picture.

Since most Americans spend (get this) over four hours per day watching television (with the set on over 7.5 hours!), this is probably a great place to start.

If I told you that you could have your dream body and the abundance you seek simply by giving up television, would you do it?

If not, then why are you packing a television on a CLIMB? Seems like a lot of extra weight to me.

Actually, I'm not asking for that -- I am merely suggesting that you curtail the time. Spend more quality time with the kiddos and your spouse, or with friends. Plan your meals out more carefully and your prep time for home-based quality fuel with great care. Limit your task time to what it takes to be excellent, and leave perfection where it really is: nowhere. It does not exist.

Do these things and you will create more time than you may imagine.

How much time? Well, that depends on how far up the Round Mountain you want to go. If you are going for the entire ball of blue, you'll want three new hours in your day. If you only care about the body, 45 minutes a day is more than enough,not including the time it takes to eat and prepare your meals.

Three 'new' hours? Yes...and they are easier to create once you realize that these three hours will turn into the years of your legacy and the decades of your destiny on this Round Mountain.

Leave the 2's and 3's to those content for second and third.

Tomorrow -- moving boulders, making muscle.

= = End of Day 11 = =

So, What Are You Waiting For? - Day 10 of 32

"Scale" -- A way to rank or order importance.


Have you ever experienced it?

No, of course not. Never!

The entire world has put off the climb at one time or another. For most people, this is far beyond "one time" and more like "all the time." After all, who has the time nowadays?

We'll cover that tomorrow.

For today, we will put an end to the ultimate life-stealer: procrastination.

Let's look at that word: first, we have "pro". As in...what? "Professional." "Proactive." "Affirmative."

Do any of those words, all of which define "pro", make any sense when used in conjunction with "procrastination"? None whatsoever.

Right off the bat, your brain is in a state of confusion when you use the term "procrastination". Are you a "professional crastinator?" If so, what are the hours and the salary?

Do you "positively crastinate?"

I trust you are laughing a bit by now...which is the entire point of that play on words. Why?

You break negative patterns of thought by associating fun and even humorous things with them.

Just think: what if you could take the thing in your life that causes you the most pain and "anchor" it to something that actually makes you LAUGH? Do you think the intensity of the pain would diminish? You bet it would.

Try this right now: make a really big smile. I mean a huge, goofy smile that you would normally never use no matter how happy you may be.

Now, say something depressing out loud with that smile on your face.

Doesn't work, does it? Your mind is a bit more than confused by this process. You see, your physical state is reflective of your internal state, and vice versa. In fact,sometimes you do not know which came first, the emotional or the physical! Sometimes simply "looking" depressed can create feelings of depression.

Back to procrastination. Since we now realize the word itself is rather silly, let's use two equally silly exercises to break the "habit" of procrastinating once and for all.

After that, you will have to ask yourself a key question: "So, what AM I waiting for?" Why are you climbing slower? Have you hit a ledge and simply stopped, or perhaps set base camp and never left? If so, why?


Aside from that, there is little reasons why waiting ever has to occur in your life.

Silly exercise one: I'd like you to rank yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being lousy and 10 being top-notch, based on how good you are at procrastinating. Remember, be honest -- always.

I bet some of you put "10" down without hesitation. "I'm one of the WORST procrastinators on earth!"

What's wrong with that sentence? Well, it's full of lies and confusion, yet 'that' is probably what you said to yourself, right? Think about it -- if you were really the "worst" at procrastination, you would never get around to it! Also, you're not the "anything" on earth in all likelihood, unless Tiger Woods is reading this. (If so, hi Tiger!)

Your brain gets all of this and is wondering what the heck you are trying to communicate to yourself in the process.

So, for all of you "good" procrastinators -- the folks who put, say, a 6-10 down, here's your assignment:

put off procrastination...just for a day or two.

What? You said you were "excellent" at this so-called art of procrastination, so what's the problem? Shouldn't you be so good at it that you could put off 'anything'?

Either way we proceed, you win. You can take me up on the offer to prove you're really an ace procrastinator, and then you will end up putting 'that' off. Or, you can realize how silly this is, and simply take back your assumption.

It is the assumption that you have been telling yourself for years and wondering why you cannot break it.

The assumption that you're "a huge procrastinator."

Wow...that one is a double-whammy. "Huge" is hardly a good term to use to describe yourself unless you are a bodybuilder or perhaps a football player.

Yet, again, this is how we speak to ourselves -- that is until we decide to live with ruthless responsibility and total honesty. You, my friend, have made such a choice.

Silly exercise two: make a list of the three things you put off most frequently. Again, be honest. Now, take that list and make a "substitute procrastination". This works best when the tasks sound similar. Then, put off the substitute...again, just for a day or two.

Here is an example:

"Work out." - "Working outdoors."

Decide you are going to put off working outdoors for the day (unless your job happens to be outdoors! Even then, this may work if you have some flexibility in your schedule.)

Another example might be:

"Eating healthy." - "Eating the wealthy."

Just don't eat any rich people for a day. Can you do that? Sure.

Now, do you see how much fun you can have with something that normally causes you pain and distress if you 'choose' to do so? It's a choice -- there is always a choice.

>>> Your choices today will define your tomorrow.

Now for the question: what are you waiting for?

Listen and absorb this beautiful truth: this moment is yours and yours alone. This moment will simply never exist again. In fact it has already passed, and your next
moment has arrived.

Yet, in a moment, worlds can change. Lives can change. Love can be born. Life can be taken.

Do not shortchange the power of moments. Like cells in the body, your time on the Round Mountain is nothing more than a long series of moments, interconnected
with the desires and activities within them.

Make those desires and activities count, then every single moment will be one of creation. Creating moments is part of your job as a Scaler, and you create by moving.

Do not wait for the right time to move. Just move. You can always change course, but you can only move "once". Start moving, and keep moving.

Remember: rank only the vital things as "10"s.

This message was placed at this juncture of your climb because many people begin to slow down right about now. Not you. You now know that would not be creating
the moments you'll remember for all time. That would be destroying the momentum. That would blur memories, blending them into a colorless hue.

The color of a tombstone.

Live life in the moment, and the colors of life will become more vibrant and powerful than any rainbow ever seen.

You can only do this while moving...and you must move now. Move "toward", as we discussed in Day 1. Move up, move on...but move.

Wait no more. Life is here, right in front of you, and it has no concept of a dress rehearsal.

Tomorrow -- time to climb?

= = End of Day 10 = =

Scale the World - days 8 & 9

June 15, 2008

What Are You Weighting For? - Day 9 of 32

"Scale" -- An evil device that resides in your bathroom.

Get this: the scale is your enemy.

Today, we will sever this foe from our lives once and for all.
You just have to be willing to cut the rope.

Let me explain.

Currently there is a rope that's connecting you with
other climbers. You may not be able to see it, but it is
there. Your other climbers depend on you, and you on
them. These climbers include your family, your friends,
your loved ones -- everyone who cares about you making
it to the top of the Round Mountain.

Remember, you are a Scaler. All Scalers have ropes that
interconnect to each other. You and I are connected.
That's right -- I count on you to continue during times
you may momentarily doubt, or when the weather of
life - emotional and mental storms - make climbing a
bit more difficult.

The successful will weather any storm.

However, there is another rope that you have attached
to yourself. This one is also invisible, but unlike the other
it serves no purpose whatsoever except to weigh you
down. If allowed to remain, it will pull you off the
Round Mountain.

Injuries from the fall include quitting, feeling like a "loser",
and a general dread of all things healthy.

The interesting part is that you attached this rope by
yourself. Perhaps on purpose...perhaps accidental. It
makes little difference. Either way, it is time to pull out
the knife of reason and cut the rope free.

Attached to the end of the rope? The scale -- and the
concept of "weight" in general.

Yep...that evil device called a "scale" needs to go. In
fact, I encourage you to find a high place where there
is no one around (be sure about that!) and drop that
sucker right off. Or, run over it with your vehicle.

Learn this: that scale is much heavier than you are.

The scale weighs you down as it measures your weight.
It tells you lies. It is virtually worthless to your pursuit
of excellence in your physical ascent.

And, it can be downright deadly.

Here's how.

Let's say you're really climbing well. You're eating good,
clean food and you're feeling great about yourself. You
notice that your pants are a bit looser in the waist area
and your shirts feel a bit more snug in the places that
look good.

You step on the scale one morning, and all those good
feelings come crashing down...

"I've GAINED a pound!"

Really? Are you sure?

And if you are, does it matter?

I bet you're wondering why I'm asking such ridiculous
questions. It's because they are not ridiculous at all...
the scale is.

Do you realize that your body weight fluctuates an
average of three to five pounds a 'day'? Depending on
what you've eaten, what time it is, hormonal changes,
and even the weather, your body weight can go up or

Think of the scale as the stock market, minus any
potential dividends.

Also, even if the scale was right, did it matter? Let's
say the reason your shirt fits better in key places is due
to the fact you put on a bit of lean muscle. Your waist
line feels better because you discarded fat. Overall,
you may have discarded two pounds of fat and gained
three pounds of muscle. That would create a one pound
'gain', but surely you would not mind such a gain!

Muscle makes the body look firm and sexy. Discarding
fat makes the body feel lean and energetic. You just
did both -- and felt lousy about it. Why?

Because the scale told you to. It speaks a language all
its own.

Just take this simple tip and run with it all the way up the
mountain: go by your clothes. If your clothes fit better,
you're heading in the right direction no matter what the
scale says. If you feel better, you're doing great.

Once one set of clothes is too loose, then try on a
tighter pair of jeans and keep them around until they
too fit loosely.

Who needs the scale?

If you're getting stronger in the gym and your pants are
fitting better, then bravo my friend.

Sever the rope of "weight" right now in the form of the
scale. For that matter, sever "weight" itself by ceasing
to want to lose it. This sounds contradictory, but it isn't.

You do not want to lose weight. You want to discard fat.
If you just want to "lose weight", cut off your arm along
with that rope. You'll lose about 5-10 pounds in a matter
of minutes.

You can also just take off all your clothes. That's about
3-4 pounds right there. Boy, you're really losing weight
now! Granted, you're naked and missing an arm, but...

What? Does that not sound appealing? It doesn't,
and neither does "lose weight" to your subconscious
mind. You want to release fat -- forget about 'weight'.

Drop the fat. Put on the muscle. Let 'weight' just hang
off the mountain. Who cares how much you weigh as
long as you look and feel superb? In fact, the focus
on weight can literally take you away from the focus
on feeling and looking excellent.

Remember where you will always end up -- the direction
in which you are staring.

Do not stare at weight -- stare at excellence, health,
leanness, and vitality.

Once released from your harness, you'll see that your
scale was literally the weight of the world.

Tomorrow -- So, what are you 'waiting' for?

= = End of Day 9 = =

What Are You Staring At?- Day 8 of 32

"Scale" -- Something that can cover the eyes.

What are YOU staring at?

Here we are a week into our journey, and I need to make
sure of something. I need to be sure you are looking up.

When climbing this high, one of the best bits of advice to
a novice Scaler is not to look down. In our journey,
however, the advice is a bit different:


Look where you want to go. Focus on where you want
to be. Set your sights on who you want to become.

Remove the scales from your eyes.

Do not look down. Do not look backward in time. Do
not want for things you cannot have, such as "to have
the metabolism of a teenager" if you're 65. Do not long
for a person who no longer exists.

Let's create a new, improved, seasoned climber -- one
who has seen the best and the worst along the way,
but continues to focus on where he or she is going.

The term I use is "The Driving Point". The analogy:
your car. The question: would you drive your car
forward while looking in the rearview mirror?

Why not?

Does the thought seem ridiculous? Dangerous?
Counter-productive? Of course it does. Then why do
so many people live their lives as if they were looking
into the rearview mirror of history, always wondering
why they cannot achieve their goals and dreams of
the present and future?

Remember this, and etch it in stone: you will end
up where you eyes and mind are focused. Nowhere
else -- truly.

Chances are great that, if in your past you were one
who thought or said things like...

"I failed last time...why should this time be any

"I have a history of ____________."

"I'll be fat the rest of my life."

"I failed my high school trig class, so why should I
bother studying _____________?"

"Every investment I've ever made, I've lost money.
Why bother?"

Does this sound familiar?

This is called "looking down". Looking down is not any
different than looking back. The only time looking back
is to be used in your ascent is to make sure you're placing
your foot where it needs to go. In life, this means making
sure you take the right steps by learning from the wrong
ones. Remember: wisdom is acquired by falling
down, and learning how to avoid falling the next time.

Yet fall you must -- and that's okay. Just learn where the
footholds are. What they feel like under your toes. Learn
to trust a good hold when you find one, and then go for it.
If you slip, learn -- then try again.

Just look up.

When scaling, you simply must focus on the next

And, that is your second lesson to etch into stone: the
"next" destination. Not the final destination.

The final is in the mind's eye; the next is where your
physical eyes are focused.

Too many people endeavor to discard body fat, start
a new relationship, learn a new hobby or begin a new
career by focusing on the summit of the peak -- the end
result rather than the next "driving point" -- the next
foothold. The next place your hand will have to grab in
order to pull yourself that much closer to your goal.

How many steps would it take you to walk to China,
assuming you're not currently there and there was a
bridge connecting where you lived to China?


Then another.

Then another.

The answer is still "one".

That is your driving point -- a series of "ones". You
can put some of these points together and form a
rest stop, which is like base camp on a climb. Not the
summit, but to be enjoyed and celebrated just the same.

Here's anexample using your car and The Driving
Point. Let's say you want to go from your house to the
nearest grocery store. We already know that driving
there by looking in the rearview mirror will get you
or someone killed, or at least damage your car, so
that's out of the question, right?

Right...and that means you do not dwell on the past.
It can never take you into the future.

Instead, you glance in the rear view long enough to
know it's safe to proceed to your destination. That's
all the past is for -- a tool to check your present course
before you set off to achieve the future.

Next, you would drive from your home to the first stop
sign or red light.

That is your first "driving point" -- the red light. At that
point, you would turn left, turn right, or proceed forward.
However, you must get to that point first.

Now, let's make it interesting and a bit more like our
journey of scaling the world. Let's say you're driving
somewhere and you do not know how to get there.
Instead, you are following directions that are written down.

Let me ask you: do you just "drive and hope", or do
you take it one "driving point" at a time? One light,
one turn, one highway stretch at a time -- and you
eventually arrive, even if you have to stop to ask
directions along the way.

The same is true for any goal you desire to achieve
and for the life you must create. You must stare only
in the direction of your dreams, not in the direction
of your past, your "failures", your fears or your doubts.

You must proceed with your eyes on the next
destination. However, your mind's eye on the final
destination -- the life you desire. The body you crave.
The energy you require. The relationships you need.

So, what are you staring at?

Today, I would like you to draw a road map. Think of
of these as directions to lead you from where you are to
where you want to be. Plot your driving points (base
camps) along the way. Make it achievable -- don't try to
drive 700 miles in a day when 200 will do just fine.
Then, focus on those 200...then the next, and the next.

Feel free to create your road map for more than one
area of your life. Just realize that you will only reach
the destination that you are looking at, and no matter
how small or large the destination may be, it requires
your ultimate attention.

An example might be:

Point A to Point B: discard 2 pounds of fat by lowering
carbohydrates at night and reducing sugar during the

Drive (or climb!) until you reach Point B....your first
Driving Point. Base Camp number 1.

Point B to Point C: discard 5 pounds of body fat and
gain a pound of lean muscle in 4 weeks by working
out in the gym three times per week for 30 minutes,
and adding 20 minutes of walking every day before

Point C is your next Driving Point. There, and only
there, do you focus your eyes -- on that Driving Point.
Your mind's eye, called "visualization", can focus on the
end result: a lean, toned body that is full of health
and vitality.

However, that is not your Driving Point for today, or
perhaps even for this month. That is your summit. Your
peak. Remember, however, to enjoy the climb along
the way.

The Scaler's Creed: you arrive wherever you stare.

Tomorrow -- what are you 'weighting' for?

= = End of Day 8 = =

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weight in Day - Week 17

Today was weigh in day and I lost 700 grams. I am excited cause that's 2 losses in a row and something I haven't been able to do for the past few months. Let's see if I can make it 3 in a row....

Most of my exercise this week has been walking around shopping centre's due to the on & off rain that we have been having....

Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos

Last week 07/6/2008 = 105.6 kilos
This week 14/6/2008 = 104.9 kilos
Loss this week 0.7 kilos.
Loss so far 11 kilos in 17 weeks.

Today we walked to & from weight watchers which is a 30 minute walk each way and then walked around the shopping centre for another hour. We also went for another 30 minute walk tonight around one of the local parks. It seems that 30 minute walks are a good length of time for Brad, he doesn't like to walk much longer, mainly due to him not having a very good pair of runners.

The Core program was interesting this week and a bit harder to stick to that I thought it would be. I guess it doesn't help that we have lots of low point snack food in the house and Brad loves to snack on them. Temptation is something that I will have to keep under control this week.

I will continue on the Core program and try to stick to it a little more. I am going to see if I can have 3 losses in a row.

Take One Step at a time.

Scale the World Days 5, 6 & 7

Sorry haven't been on the computer much the past few days, so I haven't done these lessons. I will do them all now and this will be a really long post.

Energy Is Fuel - Day 5 of 32

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Scale" -- A device to measure food in grams.

It is snack-time.

We have been climbing steadily for several days, and like all efficient machines, your body requires fuel for the effort.

Listen and let this resonate: food is fuel.

Fuel must be converted into energy -- in our case through the process of digestion.

Therefore, you are 'not' what you are what you digest. Every cell in your body thrives on and evolves from the process of converting your food into fuel.

Fuel powers energy. Energy, therefore, becomes fuel. And food is fuel.

Since we started our look at energy from the mind and the external (metaphysical) sources, let's now focus our attention on the physical means of creating energy. All of these mechanisms -- the mind, the external and internal processes -- must work together if that wondrous machine called your "body" is to run and climb at peak efficiency, to last the duration of our ascent.

Let's look at some hard facts. We are a world that faces a unique problem. We have too much 'and' too little fuel -- in every aspect of the word.

Fuel has long been a source of war, struggle and greed. The need for it drives our very existence. Yet, despite the fact that our earth has plenty of fuel to go around, there always seems to be a shortage, which results in a crisis. A war. Because of our greed we abuse our land
and wonder why we have issues with our foods lowering in vitamin and mineral content.

Greed is anti-fuel.

Should we be surprised by the outcome of the abuse of our "internal fuel"? Obesity, illness, rampant food shortages -- all results of the ongoing pursuit of food as a vice rather than a tool in the Western world. This great country (America) has the potential to feed the entire world easily. Over the past 50 years in particular, we've opted to over-feed ourselves along with helping others, and our waistlines and hearts are not saying, "Thank you." They're screaming, "Help."

It is now time for some "ruthless responsibility". Are you ready? Yes

I ask you to change your mind today. Change it with a snap of your fingers. Change it to think of food as the ultimate tool. As a dangerous drug. As fuel for the flames of your metabolism -- a fire than can serve or destroy.

Food is now "fuel". Pleasurable fuel. Wonderful fuel. But "fuel" nonetheless.

Just think: what if each of us consumed food for the real reason it exists -- for fuel? Not to dismiss the pleasure of food, of course, but look at wood. Wood is fuel for a fire, and a nice fire on a winter's night is a very pleasurable experience.

Too much wood, however, and the fire either blazes out of control or is smoldered under the weight of its excess.

Your body is no different. Too much fuel causes the body to do one of two things: grow into a massive and inflamed danger zone with sirens eventually sounding their call in the form of an ambulance rather than a fire truck, or shut itself down from being "bogged down".

Either way, you burn out.

The key is to reframe food for what it actually was designed to be: a wonderful source of fuel for the climb. Something to be enjoyed like an open fire, yet respected the way you would kerosene and firewood .

Here's how to start to use food as fuel today and enjoy the process. First, write this down:

"I seek to learn and do everything required to fully enjoy food as fuel , as I treat my body like a powerful, finely-tuned machine."

Next, consider pouring just a bit of sugar into the gas tank of your car.

I bet I didn't have to tell you I was kidding, did I? Just in case -- don't do that. Your car will suffer serious damage.

So why are we pouring 135 pounds of sugar down our mouths every year -- the gas tank of the most incredible machine ever designed?

You read that correctly: 135 pounds.

In the last 20 years, we have increased sugar consumption in the United States from 26 pounds to 135 pounds of sugar per person per year. Other industrial nations are catching up. Put another way, the average high schooler weighs 137 pounds. Just think: some of us eat more sugar in one year than the typical high school student weighs.

The pharmaceutical companies seek to treat the outcome of this -- diabetes -- with drugs. What do you think? Could the fact that we've increased our sugar intake "six times over" have something to do with the development of diabetes ? I think so, and I bet you do as well.

Here's the responsibility part: you have to set the example. You're a Scaler. You are a step up now. Make that greater view a greater pedestal. Shout the message "FOOD IS FUEL"
to as many as you can. Just be sure you're a living example.

Are we getting a clear picture of the problem now? Yes

Now, let's get into some serious climbing food -- the stuff that will generate physical energy.

Your goal will be to consume more food that is "lower in energy density", not higher. Oh, the irony.

This might not make sense on the surface, but bear with me . The foods you want to focus on (not exclusively -- this is not boot camp , after all) are foods that are "heavy in weight but
light in energy." These are foods that have a lot of bulk but limited calories.

I'm going to give you the first Scaler's Nutrition Secret today.

It's not a 'diet' -- it's a way of programming your body and mind to accept food as fuel while still enjoying food for the pleasure it brings. There are just a few simple rules and three very basic foods to make the plan work: apples, carrots, and celery. Don't eat plenty of other
food along with this!

The beginning climber will want to take it easy and just consume an apple 10 minutes before eating breakfast, then eat as you normally would. Consume 2 raw carrots prior to lunch, and eat as you normally would. Finally, consume 3 sticks of raw celery (with a bit of low-fat ranch dressing, if you like ) prior to dinner, and eat what you wish as long as the food is low in starchy carbohydrates like rice, breads, pasta, and grains along with ample protein and veggies. As I have only read this email today, I can admit that I have not been doing this during the past few days. I will try to remember to do this tomorrow.

That's it. That alone will give you tremendous energy for the climb. That wasn't so bad, now was it?

Not only that, but chances are great you'll feel like a million bucks to boot. All those great, raw, natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals just working their magic in your system.

For you advanced climbers: divvy up the foods and consume a portion of apple, celery and carrots prior to each of the three meals. Don't make an entire meal out of this, but eat
enough to feel a bit full. Then, consume your normal meals.

The energy produced comes from a variety of sources -- enzymes, thermogenesis (greater body heat), higher fiber content (makes for better elimination), and so on . The key is that it works, and it works for just about anyone.

And, it makes for some easy packing, which is great when you're scaling the world.

More advanced energy and fuel techniques will follow in the weeks to come. For now, just proceed with this experiment with the focus of "food as fuel" for one week.

Write down your results.

One last thing: we need to limber up your legs a bit as we will be climbing a bit faster over the coming days, so I'd like you to enjoy a nice long walk. The best time is in the morning prior to eating that apple and breakfast. Lunch hours are fine, as is after your last meal. If you cannot walk, find an exercise that stimulates your heart rate to about 60-65% of it's maximum assuming your doctor approves. For most of us, this is any exercise that allows you to speak in short sentences only in-between some fairly deep breaths.

Make your walk or your exercise a part of your lifestyle. Unwind. Look around you and see everything you can see that's really beautiful.

If you look for beauty in everything during your climb, you will surely find it.

Tomorrow -- we'll take a break to buy some furniture.


Vacuums And Furniture - Day 6 of 32

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Scale" -- A measurement of space.

I bet you are wondering where on earth I'm going with this thought, aren't you? Yes I am

Let's see -- you are supposed to be metaphorically scaling your Round Mountain, and now I want to discuss living conditions and cleaning habits? Not sure how it all fits in but I'm sure you will tell me.

Not exactly.

Welcome to the world of the unexpected.

You should become quite used to it. You will be continually challenged with the unexpected over the course of the coming weeks. Enjoy the surprises.

Believe it or not, we are going to talk food again...and like all things Scale, we are going to cover the reasons why we act and think toward food. "Diets" are absolutely doomed. Just look at the first three letters -- kinda gives away the feeling, doesn't it? Interesting

We've been discussing food as fuel. Empowering nutrition. The juice of life. The stuff you will require in order to climb as high as the eagles soar.

What does this have to do with a cleaning device and stuff you sit on in your house? Well, for the former, nothing at all. You merely associated the two terms because "vacuum" and "furniture" sound self-defined. They are not.

I'm referring to a vacuum in space -- the absence of matter. The thing that "nature abhors".

But you were right about the furniture.

There are two lessons we are covering today. Ready? As ready as I ever will be.....

You now know for a fact your mind cannot distinguish phonically similar words. These are words like "wait" and "weight". Or, in our case, the same word with two radically different meanings, as in "I love chocolate" versus "I love my child."

Which is true? Both They cannot 'both' be true, now can they? Yes I think so. If so, would you trade your chocolate bar for your child? No............

Didn't think so.

Lesson one: truthful thinking means speaking and reacting with distinction, clarity and honesty at all times. Yes, this will take practice. Oh yes it will, especially if I get annoyed or angry. And, I'm not asking you to be a perfectionist about it.

Just do us all a favor and stop saying, "I love pizza", when your MIND cannot tell the difference between "love" and "love" -- and anchors that feeling of pizza to the same feelings you have when you make love to your spouse, or hug your child.

Get it now? Do you see why it feels like a "craving" when you choose to stop eating a food you have told yourself a thousand times over you "love"? I think instead I should say that I desire certain foods and not love them...

Your mind is just reacting to what you told it. Now, accept responsibility for that, forgive yourself, and change the pattern. Are we good? Yes

Okay, lesson two: nature abhors a vacuum. This is a law of physics that applies to our daily lives in countless ways. We're going to cover one of those ways today using the analogy of furniture.

Think of this as "base camp" with amenities.

Let's say you wanted to get all new furniture. Most likely this doesn't happen overnight, right? No as I don't have the money to get all new furniture...
Instead you buy one piece to replace another. Perhaps you move that old chair or sofa into the
garage while you wait for the Salvation Army or a buyer for it.

Let me ask you this -- would you remove "all" the furniture at once? No, even if I had the money I would still do each room at a time. Haul it out into the garage and sit around on the floor until you got all your nifty new goodies moved in?

Why not? Simple: you have created a vacuum. You're left with an empty space, and that is not comfortable when you are used to a space that is full and rich.

Now, think of your current way of eating. How do most people go about a "diet"? They remove a
bunch of stuff and either don't replace it at all (a starvation diet), or replace it with straw (the
"wicker furniture of dieting", one could say). Straw, as in rabbit food, or food that no one would
want to eat for more than a few days or a week at a time.

Does this sound wise? No...then again, neither does moving all your furniture out until you get
"just the right stuff" for your home.

You do not need perfection in your diet. You need consistency, enjoyment and foods that
fulfill your fuel and taste requirements. In order to pull this off, you need to do this:

>>> Never Remove Without Replacing.

Do not "stop eating bread" and not replace bread with something that is better for you and
that you enjoy.

It's that simple -- really.

Do not say to yourself, "I will never eat chocolate again." Instead, say "I choose to eat chocolate this Saturday after a refueling dinner."

You make the choice. You create the timing. You were the creator of the "temptation", and there- fore, the one who can manage it successfully.

So, think of your daily nutrition as a set of furniture. Perhaps you really do need all new furniture, but please replace only one piece at a time. Enjoy the process, and always shop for the very best. That means organic, healthy foods that you really enjoy. After all, you would not replace a lousy chair with a slightly less-than-lousy chair. What sense does that make?

Replace, and replace with the best. Never leave a vacuum. The hole it creates will become a
black hole, sucking you down rather than propelling you upward and on with the climb.

Tomorrow -- manifesting your destiny.

= = End of Day 6 = =

Manifesting Your Destiny - Day 7 of 32

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Scale" -- A degree of ownership or expansion.

Do you own your destiny? I would like to this that I do.

Even more to the point -- are you designing your life from an original blueprint, or from a preconceived, paint-by-the- numbers fabrication? To be honest its probably from a preconceived idea.

When you paint by numbers, someone else owns the end result no matter how much effort you may have put into the project. When you simply 'paint', however, you own.

You own whatever you design, and you own "only" what you design when it comes to life.

This degree of ownership is called manifestation. As a Scaler, you are being called to manifest energy for the climb, encouragement for your fellow Scalers, and a life lived on the summit rather than on the edge or in the valley.

Learn this today: you control nothing, but you can and will manage everything.

>>> "I control nothing. I manage everything."

This is your mantra for the rest of your days should you choose to accept the truth within.

Perhaps you recall the term "Manifest Destiny." In the nineteenth century, this term was a sort of American catch- phrase for a calling to expand...often, despite the means or the ultimate cost.

Today, we're re-creating as we create. We will create our own destiny through the art of manifestation. At the same time, we will change a bit of history.

Which history? Your concept of what you are truly capable of. Your concept of your past, present and future. This will be changed as of today.

The creation? The awakening of the power to manifest rather than react; to manage rather than control...yet manage in incredible ways. To create rather than rely on the preconceived -- patterns that your "genes" or your "past" may have seemingly dictated.

I am asking you to lay aside two things today:

1. The desire for, and even the concept, of "control".

2. The belief that you cannot manifest or create your own destiny.

Do these two concepts seem to contradict? Yes they do a little. Perhaps on the surface. In order to 'create', do you not need to 'control' as well? Must remember that....

No -- not at all. You simply need to manage.

Here is a rather amusing illustration of this point. I would like you to grab a pencil or pen and a sheet of paper. Close your eyes and use your weaker hand (if you are right-handed, use your left, or vice-versa) and draw a cat. Now, draw a man or a woman standing next to the cat. Finally draw a house in the background.

Now, open your eyes.

You've just created without control. Perhaps what you just created would not even be suitable for potty training your new parakeet, but that makes little difference -- it is still an original creation. It never existed until this very moment. "Good" and "bad" are irrelevant. The process of manifestation is the only thing that matters.

To further 'manage' this, you can open your eyes and use your stronger hand. Unless you are artistic, the results may be similar. They may even be worse! That's okay -- and that's another good example of the power of choosing to create, yet choosing to relinquish control in favor of management. However, the results may be outstanding.

One thing is for sure: the more you manage, the better you become. "Practice" is a form of managing. You are managing your time, focus and desire in order to create a better "you" in the area or discipline you are studying.

You, my friend, are now and forever more a student of your own life. A student of the patterns of success. A student of the ongoing skill of creation and design.

You must now dismiss perfection by dismissing control.

Control does not exist. It never has. Yet it has kept many of you from ever seeing your greatest self. Your real reason for being. The greatest expression of your calling on this planet. All hampered because of the illusion of control.

However, management is completely within your grasp. In fact, it is your absolute 'responsibility' -- nothing less should be accepted.

Once you agree to manage, you agree to a life that no longer demands perfection in any way. You can now demand "excellence". Excellence is far superior to perfection. One exists for you; the other is nothing but illusion. One allows you to be fully and wonderfully human; the other enslaves you to a robotic and imprisoned existence.

Freeing yourself of the illusion of control is step one to becoming a full-time manifesting machine. Someone dedicated to the ongoing process of continually creating a life that exceeds all expectations. A life colored outside of any lines, dots, or pre-conceived patterns.

A life of your own design.

One more lesson for today -- I would like you to fully understand and respect the power of manifestation. Most people are content to say things such as:

"I cannot help it."

"I was raised this way."

"My genes will not allow me to be ______."

"I was ____________ as a child, therefore I cannot do _____________."

"It was not my fault."

Do any of these statements render you with a sense of empowerment? No. They are the creation of the disempowered masses. They too can manifest -- but you want nothing to do with the artwork they come up with.

To "manifest" first means you accept the power you possess to create. Perhaps you cannot create a tree. That level of creation is already taken. However, you can create a life, a calling, a destiny, a body of health and power, a desire to share and give love, total abundance in fulfilling areas of your life, and more energy than you will ever need.

You can do all this through manifestation. Through the power of realizing that each and every moment you can choose to attract what you require in life by proper thought and ongoing actions. You can also repel it just as easily through lies, negative energy and choosing to
live life on auto-pilot.

A Scaler manifests by nature. Some of our creations are better than others -- but they are all our own. We learn from each and every instance of manifestation. We evolve to become better, more effortless creators. We grow to accept the awesome responsibility of creating a life, a calling and a destiny.

Today, I would like you to write down what you choose as your destiny in life. Take your time. Think big.

  • I am not perfect and I can live with that.
  • The people around me are also not perfect and I can live with that.
  • To take one day at a time and try to do my best during that day.
  • To be a happy, healthy and fun loving person.
  • To control my temper.
  • To love myself and my life.
  • To take accountability of my life.
Now, write out the answer to this question:

"What do I require to manifest my personal destiny today?" To love myself, accept myself as I am and to exercise... That the people around me including myself are not perfect and that is ok.

That's it. That is the question -- and it is processed one day at a time. One moment at a time. Every moment is a step toward or away from YOUR destiny -- the one you can either manifest and create, or the one you can walk away from. Walk away from it, and you choose to stay "within the lines".

You choose to connect preordained dots and call it the art of living.

But I know you want more.

Please decide today that you will hang nothing but originals in the home of your mind and heart. Decide today that nothing but your own manifestations will adorn your world.

Let this sink in. It's deep, but give it time. We will be covering the principle of manifestation further as we proceed with our climb. For now, just realize and accept with joy and a sense of adventure that you are not only a Scaler, but a Manifestor of Destiny...

the designer of a life the world will remember with affection and honor.

Tomorrow -- what are you staring at?

= = End of Day 7 = =

Take One Step at a time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scale the World - Power become Energy - Day 4

Power Becomes Energy
Day 4 of 32

"Scale" -- A measurement of energy output.

Would you like more energy? Oh Yes, of course I would.....

In our times, that is almost a ridiculous question. It seems that everyone is on the lookout for energy. Many people find it difficult to climb out of bed in the morning, let alone climb the Round Mountain. I can so relate to the problems of climbing out of bed in the morning.

However, first things first. Let's start with this: what the heck "is" energy?

Perhaps that sounds like yet another ridiculous question, but guess what? It isn't. It is a critical
distinction few people make when asking for something when in reality they have no idea
what they actually want.

Yesterday I asked you to be specific with what you ask. Always state what you want. Do not state what you do not want. This will only cause your mind to focus on the subject of the sentence, not on what you're actually after.

Say this to yourself:

"I do not want a piece of chocolate."

Now, what are you focused on? A slice of turkey? Some apples and brown rice, perhaps?

Hardly! You're thinking "chocolate". Why is this? It is because the subconscious mind cannot hear or process negative statements when the subject is strong.

Saying, "I don't want you to smoke" to a person who thinks about smoking every day will just serve to increase the thoughts of the habit you would like him or her to break.

Now, let's apply this simple mind rule to our quest for more energy.

When you say to yourself, "I wish I had more energy," two things are working against you.
First, you don't really know what energy is. Oh, sure, you have a vague idea, but it is actually "the actions that energy can produce" that you're after. You really don't want more energy for the sake of having it -- you want to move your life more consistently and with less strain.

Second, the vast majority of people "wish" for energy. In fact, most people "wish" for almost

"Wish?" Is this "I Dream Of Jeannie" or real life?

Which word seems more concrete to you: "wish" or "require"? "Demand"? "Desire"?


How many times have you said, "I wish I had more energy," or "I wish I was lean"?

Now we're getting somewhere. So tighten that climbing harness because you're about to take a
bit of a surge upward in your climb:


Since thought is energy, and you cannot speak without thinking (unlike many claim), words are
a form of energy.

Hang with me (a bit of climbing humor there...)

Energy resonates at specific frequencies. Words contain energy, therefore frequency. The "stuff"
you want exists all around you, and you can either attract the tools and success you demand with the use of the correct frequency (i.e. thoughts that are in sync vibration-wise with what you want), or repel it just as quickly with the use of incorrect frequency.

In order to create massive physical energy in your life, you require massive mental energy and
words that "vibrate" at correct frequencies to produce and gather energy. We'll cover how this
happens later in Scale The World. Just trust me for now that it 'does' happen.

For example, do you think that Michael Jordan became great by saying to himself, "I really wish
I could be great at basketball"?

Just try it.

Say, "I really wish I could be great at ________."

Do you feel any closer to whatever that blank contained? Hardly -- in fact, "you are further
away from it." "It", whatever it may be (a thing, a career, a relationship, whatever) has a frequency that's established, concrete, real and definitive. "It" does not question its existence.

How then can you attract "it" when you use words that vibrate in contrast to "it"? You cannot. It's just not possible. Eventually the two will shove each other apart like magnets facing each
other. This is one reason why you may have started a "diet" or a workout program but only
kept it going for a short while. Didn't it feel like you were "wishing" a lot? Like it was destined
to fail? Like you were swimming upstream all of the time?

Perhaps it was -- and now you know one reason why, and what to do about it. All that can change with the changing of thought, which will produce the changing of energy and attraction.

That produces massive results and action.

This is the opposite of sitting around and waiting for something to create itself. This is using the
tools of your mind properly in order 'to' attract what you require, to design the life you were
designed to create.

While we're at it, you also need to know precisely what energy "is".

Energy is a rate of vibration, at least as far as we are concerned. We'll let the physicists argue the
details, as they are not important to our focus.

Therefore, what you literally want is:

1. The proper vibration to attract, rather than repel, the physical energy that exists all around
you, and...

2. The rewards from applying that energy to your physical life. These rewards can include
"more time with the kids", "feeling less drained at the end of the day", "ready to work out", and
so on.

-- Power comes from energy that is attracted by your thoughts and processed by your body.

Without a clear understanding of this point, and the distinction it brings, you can eat as clean
as a bodybuilder and work out like a madman, yet still drag yourself out of bed in the morning
and need nine cups of coffee to get through the day.

Yes, there are physical reasons for fatigue, but doesn't it makes sense to rule out mental and
metaphysical reasons first?

Try this experiment, just to prove to you that words resonate with energy.

For one day, substitute every "possible" word with a "probable" or "definitive" word. Just for
a day. Take your notebook with you and jot down how you feel after changing your speech
and your thoughts for a mere 24 hours.

"Possible" words are words like "wish", "hope", "dream", "if", "maybe", "do not", and so on.

"Probable" or "definitive" words are "must", "will", "require", "demand", "desire", "trust", "look
forward to", "absolutely", etc.

Here are a few suggestions:

"I hope you will approve my budget" (possible) versus "I trust that you will approve my budget"
(probable) versus "I look forward to you approving my budget" (definitive.)

"I wish I had more time to work out" versus "I desire more time to work out", or "I will create more time to work out today."

Your assignment: write down ten distinctions like these. Use phrases that will help you in your
eating, your exercise, your love life, your career, and your spiritual life.

1. I wish I had more time to exercise. I will create more time to exercise.
2. I wish Marina to call me about the business. I desire that Marina will call me about the business.
3. I wish I could lose weight a little quicker. I desire to lose weight at a consistent rate.
4. I wish I had my money under control. I will create more opportunities to keep my money under control.
5. I wish that Brad did not snore. I desire that Brad would control his snoring.
6. I wish that I could reduce the stress in my life. I will reduce the stress in my life.
7. I wish that i could stay within the weight watchers program. I will create a daily program that I can stick to, so I will stay within the weight watchers program.
8. I wish I could exercise without any excuses. I will create opportunities that I can exercise every day.
9. I wish we could start the business tomorrow.. I desire to start the business as soon as possible.
10. I wish I didn't want to control everything. I desire to be a little more flexible and giving in everything that I do.

Go for it -- energy is everywhere, and it can be attracted in abundance by anyone willing to do so.

From there, we will process and use it to create more internal heat through nutrition. That means a lot less fat, and a lot more movement -- not by "willpower", mind you, but through the ultimate:


Tomorrow -- energy is fuel.

Again my answers to this are written in different colours.

Take One Step at a time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Now I know that the BMI is not the be end and all of measuring my weight, as it doesn't take into account muscle but its something that I still like to measure it every so often. Now if only this fairy cat could give me a magic wish and take away all my excess body fat, then I'd be happy. Oh well, better go and do it myself.

The BMI Scale is below:-

BMI Name
<> Underweight
18.5 - 25 Normal
25 - 30 Overweight
Above 30 Obese
Above 35 Severely obese
Above 40 Morbidly obese
Above 50 Super obese

My BMI is 38.7 so that makes me severely obese and no longer Morbidly obese. Whilst that's not great, it is coming down as I started this journey at 43.9 and I only have 10 kilos to lose before I become just Obese @ 34.9.

Take each step at a time.

Scale the World - Truth Becomes Power Day 3

Truth Becomes Power Day 3 of 32

"Scale" -- A measurement of power or intensity.

It is time to focus.

Put the day's cares aside and focus for ten minutes as we discuss the nature of power and how you can harness it for your journey up the Round Mountain.

There are three fundamentals we will cover in the next 3 days about power. There will also
be a few exercises for you to perform in order to start attracting power. More juice. More energy.

More "life" -- the good stuff.

First, power is TRUTH.

Lying to yourself is not the way to increase the power in your life. Lying drains energy on a molecular level.

Studies done using water have shown that statements of deception and negativity alter the molecular shape of water itself. Further research is undergoing to let us know exactly how "bad" this is.

Do you really want to wait for the answer?

Here's the challenge -- you lie to yourself all the time. You just don't know it.

You don't believe me? Yes and I realise it more than I'd like to admit.

See if these lies sound familiar:

"I'm fat."

"I'm such a loser!"

"If I don't get _____ , I'll just die!"

Now, I will go out on a limb here and say that you may have used one or more of those lies
TODAY! How many times have you said them in your life? I've just gotten up so its not too bad so far. Can you even count that high? No

Here's the truth:

1. You cannot be "fat" any more than I can be "lamp", or "car". "Fat" is mindless stuff. You are a mindful being. If you think this is nitpicking, remember that your mind knows this is not true. You cannot "be" fat -- you can only store fat. You are "temporarily carrying more body fat than you desire." That is the truth (if indeed you are).

Now, if you are, say out loud, "I am temporarily carrying more body fat than I desire and I'm on the path to release it forever."

Just curious -- does that "feel" better than saying, "Man, I'm so FAT!"?

Of course it does -- just not for the wrong reasons. You are merely speaking the truth, and truth always resonates in the positive. This is accurate even when "the truth hurts". Eventually it resonates with peace and clarity.

2. You cannot be a loser, otherwise you would be incapable of winning anything. Have you ever
won anything? Yes however not for a while. How about the affection of another? Yes I currently have a fantastic man in my life who puts up with a lot from me. An award of any kind? I think so. If nevertheless this were not the case, "I am not attracting the success I deserve" would be an expression of the truth.

So, try it. Say this out loud: "I am not attracting the success I deserve, and I choose to attract what I require to achieve fulfillment and abundance."

Can you feel the power beginning to grow inside of you? I can feel myself feeling a bit better about things, it's just the beginning. There's nothing magical here...merely
biochemistry mixed with speaking to your mind.

What? Did you think your mind just got all that info in there on its own? A lot of it did, of course,
but not without your eventual consent.

We are about to help it along in massive ways as we look down at base camp. (Did I mention that
you are already scaling your world? Like any climb, the first steps are a bit uncertain. Just keep going.)

3. So, "you'll just die" if you don't get or do ______." Oh, really? So your life will literally end? No of course not however it sometimes feel like it will. Is there a guy holding a gun to your head, or are you referring to an organ transplant you require?

Sure, you may be laughing -- but I am asking you to take this part seriously. Even though it is funny, it is crucial to begin living without fear, and that demands living in total truth.

Speak only the truth to yourself.

Make no exceptions to this rule.

If you're not "starving", don't say you are. Your subconscious mind will begin to react to this as if
you really "are" starving, and that means shutting down your fat-burning hormones. No kidding.

Begin stating what you WANT, not what you don't want. "I want to be leaner and more alive" is far superior to "I'm tired of being fat and feeling like my life is slipping away."

Which type of statement do you hear more often? "I'm tired of being fat and feeling like my life is slipping away."

There you go -- now you know one of the many reasons you must scale the world and shout out
the truth. People are simply killing themselves with their words. Not you, however. Not any longer.

Remember: your words become your world.

Your words become what your mind believes you to be. There is no getting around it.

This is one reason you will never hear the phrase "positive thinking" in Scale The World. Why?
Positive thinking is more often than not "thinking in lies."

See if this sounds familiar: you are told to look in the mirror and say, with a big smile on your face, "I'm beautiful, fit and awesome!"

No you're not...unless you really are, in which case you have my apologies! I bet that got your attention.

Most people urged to say this are not beautiful to "themselves." They may be beautiful in reality, but they do not feel or think they are.

Therefore, they are lying.

Most are certainly not fit, so that is a direct lie.

"Awesome" is open and vague at best.

A person seeking to generate power from truth would say the following:

"I'm committed to becoming more fit, more beautiful and living in greater awe of life each and every day."


"I am in the process of learning how to fully develop my beauty and my level of fitness so I can inspire myself and others to lead a more awesome life."

That is truth -- and it sounds nice and "positive", doesn't it? That's because truth "resonates". The frequency of truth is specific. Your mind knows this when it hears it. Your body will react to it -- every molecule of water will resonate within the beauty of it.

Just think: 75% of you is water. What can you do with that 75% firing on all cylinders, full of truth and power?

Today, write down 5-10 things you say to yourself frequently that are downright lies. Then, scratch them out and write out beside each a "truthful thinking statement" to empower your mind and your body.

1. I am fat.
2. I am ugly
3. I am a bitch
4. I hate exercise but am going to exercise everyday even if its raining.
5. I am a loser....

Truthful thinking statements:-
1. I am carrying more body fat that I would like to.
2. I am a very beautiful person.
3. I am a happy person and treat others with respect.
4. I will exercise 3 times a day because I like it and it will help me lose by body fat.
5. I am not happy with my life and will attract the success that I deserve.

Every molecule in your body will thank you.

Tomorrow -- power is energy.

Take One Step at a time.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Scale the World - The Breadth and the Height Day 2 of 32

"Scale" -- A measurement of mass.

Fellow Scaler,

As we begin the journey up and over the Round Mountain, which is the object of your desires, your life, the body of your dreams, and your fulfillment, we must take in the breadth and the height of the summit.

So many people begin a journey without a map, leading them to a destination that is set by the winds of the world. Those winds change at a moment's notice. It makes sense to be prepared for sudden changes in the climate as well as an understanding of the terrain you will be facing.

On our journey, this means understanding the path as best we can. Knowing what we are facing and all that is at stake. Knowing our friends and our foes -- and that they can be one in the same.

When you think of "width", perhaps you think in terms of inches. "How many inches must I lose in order to feel good about my body?" Or, perhaps, "How many inches do I want to put on my biceps to feel more powerful?" For me its how many inches must I lose to feel good about myself.

How about "height"? "How much further do I have to go in order to achieve X?" Or, "Why does it take so long to ... ?" Sound familiar? Yes it does....

There's nothing wrong with these questions. They are merely too small. You see, we are scaling the world -- and the world is much larger than our small questions. Small questions bring out small desires, and small desires will eventually fizzle out.

This is one reason you have yet to achieve what you were designed to create.

We need massive questions with massive desires. We need to fuel our minds with the truth behind why we're making this journey to the skies, otherwise it becomes nothing more than a journey to the next diet book, or the next self-improvement seminar.

What is the 'true' breadth and height?

The entire world.

First, there's the "micro" world, or the world of inches. This already has your full and complete attention, so there is really no reason to talk about "losing inches" or "gaining muscle" right now. You know all about the desire to do that.

How do you accomplish this goal? Very good question and if I knew the whole answer I'd be happy and at my goal weight now. Well, that comes later in the climb. First, we must do a bit of surveying. We must take in the full nature of why this ascent is so crucial. Otherwise the climb will have only a short-term meaning...and short-term results.

First there is your world -- the things and the people you love and care about. That list I've asked you to create -- the "who will I influence" list. This people care less about your personal inches and more about your "person." Be true to them.

Become the person you want, and in so doing become the person they want you to be -- not out of pressure, but out of love and support.

Out of influence.

Just think about it. How will it feel to really influence the ones you love the most in ways that transcend your wildest expectations? It will encourage them to continue on their journey to be healthy people, to be happy and live long lives...

Next, there is the world as a whole -- the whole of humanity. Do you realize that every pound of fat you release saves the world a bit of energy? No I didn't realize that. Less gas, less oil, and less food is required to get you from Point A to Point B.

If we were to release forever the excess body fat we carry as a world, we would:

1. Decrease the use of natural resources by over 30%, including oil.

2. Have the capacity to feed every hungry person in the world, every day, for the rest of time. The less food we need or choose to consume, the more food we potentially have available for those who have none at all. This goes beyond "the starving people in China" bit your mom or dad may have warned you about. By consuming the right foods in the right quantities, our earth will be able to grow more food for more people -- simple as that. From there, we will demand that
our leaders use this land and food for the best of causes.

3. Reduce our medical costs (varying by nation) by well over 40% annually, leaving billions of dollars for research for cancer and other diseases. These are diseases whose research funds are cut short due to short-term health care issues that you and I can and must prevent.

Remember: obesity, fear and a lack of responsibility is the number one cause of the short-term health care crisis in our world. This is a preventable crisis, and you have started the ascent to help do just that.

Prevent. Cure. Heal. Educate. Empower.

This is truth: what you do today affects the entire world.

The time it takes to do it can vary from a split-second decision to a lifetime of commitment.

In a split second, you can choose to continue the climb, choose the food that fuels it the best, and pass along the energy of acceptance and eternal progression to every person in your life.

Over the course of your life, you can journey toward excellence and mastery, accepting the path less traveled for the rewards rarely given.

Now do you realize the breadth and the height of the journey you are on? I'm beginning too and trying not to be overwhelmed by it. Can you see how your actions affect the people around you, and even the climate of the physical world? Yes I can see that.

Today, write down five things that you wish to change about the world as a whole. Then, underneath each, ask yourself this question:

1. Use less medical costs. By reducing my weight will reduce my risk of serious illness and medical costs.
2. Consume less gases and utilities in the world. Will help to reduce green house gases and will reduce my expenses as I will not consume as much utilities.
3. Recycle more. Will help reduce green house gases.
4. Consume less food. Will help to even distribute foods to those who need them more than I do. It will also reduce the cost of my shopping and I can enjoy other parts of my life with that money i.e. spending time with family and friends.
5. Educate people about the effects of being overweight has on the world. See all above.

"How can scaling my world help bring about these changes in both the smallest and greatest of ways?"

Answer them realistically -- and then thank yourself for willingly accepting the kind of self-responsibility few have the courage to embrace. This is the responsibility of change, growth
and accountability.

Climb brave. Climb strong.

Tomorrow -- power for the climb.

Scale the World - The Round Mountain Day 1 of 32

"Scale" -- To mount or climb.

You have a round mountain to scale. That mountain is the world.

Your world. Our world.

I do not have to tell you that the world faces its most deadly of epidemics.

It is not AIDS, cancer, or even heart disease.

It is obesity, fear, and disillusionment.

The next 32 days will cover all three of these viruses and how you can cure the disease, starting with the person in the mirror.

We always start there -- deal? Sure

We will begin our ascent today, and set base camp when you feel sufficiently challenged. Then we will resume tomorrow.

I want you to begin our summit by taking a good hard look at your gear.

Here's your checklist:

1. Your mind -- open, receptive, and ready for input. Yes it is. What is your game plan and strategy for your coming ascent? To be honest with myself and my answers.

2. Your meals -- do you have the right food for the journey ahead? Yes I have cleaned out my cupboards, fridge and freezer. There is only healthy food available.

3. Your muscle -- ready to use it? Ready to be a bit sore, but blissfully spent at the end of the day? As ready as they ever will be

4. Your motion -- what direction are you committed to? Up? Sideways? A retreat, perhaps? How
does "forward" sound to you? Forward sounds good.....

Now, let's start packing.

Packing will consume the first week of our scale to the ultimate peak -- your peak. Your world view.

Most people fail because they simply do not take the time to pack properly -- to plan ahead, commit to the plans they make, and then make the plan on e that they will enjoy.

Yes, that is correct -- enjoy.

This trip is going to be fun.

Have you considered that the reason for 'any' dissatisfaction in your life may simply be due to
the fact you did not enjoy what you were doing? Yes which is why I resigned from my job and now about to start another job in a difference direction.

What if you could teach yourself to enjoy anything that provided you with a greater view? That would be fantastic and I can't wait.

You see, we are all after a greater view:

-- A world view that is sound and compassionate.
-- A self-view that is compassionate and truthful.
-- A future view that is truthful and progressive.
-- A beautiful view of all the wonder around us.

Anything that propels you toward a greater view is something you can learn to enjoy.


Because we all love beauty.

Start today with this thought:

Seek what is truly beautiful in life, and share it with everyone you love.

I'm not talking about "vanity" -- although physical beauty is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm speaking of true beauty -- the beauty of a life in motion, of a person in growth, of a body in metamorphosis.

Become beauty.

Link beauty to the climb. Remember, the view you seek is one of utter transcendence. One of awesome, breathtaking beauty.

Today we will begin by looking at the Mind, the first of four elements that every World Scaler must have tucked away securely in their gear bag.

We have already begun, you know -- changing your focus from, "I'm ugly", or "I'm fat", to "I seek beauty in all things and will settle for nothing less."

This is a major step forward. Your first step. Be excited about it -- the first step is the hardest and yet one that anyone can make. Think about it.

Part of beauty is release. Beauty is the release of all things ugly and the pursuit of all things true.

Therefore, to be truthful with yourself, let's begin with one of the most powerful truth-based statements you can ever accept:

"I seek to release everything necessary to gain a beautiful view from any and all directions."

Perhaps you glance sideways and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. What do you see? I currently do not like what I see, I see an unhappy, overweight person who doesn't like herself. What do you need to RELEASE in order to see what you long for? I need to release my unhappiness, the hatered I have for myself and not be so hard on myself.

Do you need to release some fat? Oh Yes, big time.........

How about some emotional baggage? Oh Yes lots of it........

Some anger, perhaps? That's for sure.....

What about expectations? Can you see unrealistic expectations and the damage they have created in your eyes? Does this weigh you down? Yes to all of these questions. I have very high standards and expectations of myself.

Release it. Decide right now that you will release it, and do so without anger or remorse.

Be thankful for what these feelings and your body have taught you -- and then kiss these feelings and any unwanted body fat good-bye. Any physical challenges? I am not happy with how much I weigh and my apple body shape.... Meet them with joy rather than anger. You will find your mind is much more open to coping and creative solutions when you are in a state of gratitude.

Anger, pain, extra body fat, and a mindset of disempowerment are not welcome.

None of the above are required for our climb.

They will only serve to impair you, force you to work harder, and perhaps demand a descent mid-way to the summit.

You are in for the climb, and that climb stops only at the top.

So, we begin here -- with the basics. With the first and most crucial steps. Every day the climb
will become more specific, but the basics must be mastered first.

Dig deep, and you will discover that the basics are what you have been missing.

Everyone has something to release -- everyone.

Your mission today is to write out 5-10 things you will release over the next 32 days.

1. Extra body fat.
2. Anger.
3. Mindset that I can't do it.
4. Too high expectations.
5. Emotional Baggage.
6. Negative thoughts.
7. Negative actions.
8. I am ugly.

Do not worry about "how". Instead, remember this: "why" is always more powerful than "how". Knowing why will propel you upward. All the "hows" in the world can keep you locked at base camp.

The answer never has been more knowledge. The answer has always been a reason to act,
and act boldly.

We have covered but one of our many reasons today: the acquisition of the ultimate view. A
view of life that is full of hope and sharing. A view in the mirror that excites and transforms.

A self-view that's healthy and sound.

A beautiful view. It is yours to grasp. Just begin the climb and set your mind in the direction
called "forward" and the compass facing "due beauty". North, south, east, west -- overweight,
thin, male, female. They are all the same.

Nothing matters but the beauty of the moment. The beauty of the journey. The knowledge that
you will eventually stand atop the greatest of all summits -- the world itself.

Until then, put your climbing shoes on and go for a nice long walk tonight. I went for a 2 hour walk with my friend Lynda (Bay walk) today...... I really enjoyed walking outside in the fresh air.

That was a real suggestion -- go for a walk. You will be walking a lot during the next 32 days,
and feeling better each and every step. In fact, plan on walking a bit more every day for the
next 32 days. If you cannot walk due to injury or pain, choose another activity that is moderate
and enjoyable. As Scalers, we must move.

Take a look around you. Take it all in. Walk for however long you can enjoy it, and then remind
yourself that you have just began your summit of the Round Mountain -- your own personal World.

Tomorrow -- The breadth and the height.

Take One Step at a time.