Friday, November 24, 2006

Update on Dad

Thanks everyone for your kind wishs and thoughts.

Just to let you know that we had to rush Dad to hopsital today because he nearly collapsed whilst doing the shopping in Woollies. After spending 9 hours in emergency, dad got admitted and so far they have found he has a urine infection and high temperature. They are still doing more tests to find out why he is having problems walking, talking and generally getting around. Not sure when we will find out what is really wrong with him.

Take One Step at a Time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Dad

This is a picture of my dad taken in Qld in September 2006 when we went to visit my sister in law.

Dad is currently in remission with non Hopkins lymphoma and has been for about 2 years now. We've noticed the past few weeks his health is deteriorating, his is not eating properly, has trouble getting out of chairs, walking and talking. His talking is getting to the point that even I'm having problems understanding him.

I got some bad news from my brother tonight saying that dad thinks the cancer has come back. I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions until we get some test results, but he has been unwell for a few weeks now and will not let us take him to the doctors or hospital. Yes he is sick but I am hoping it is something can be treated and nothing to serious.

This time last year we nearly lost him with blocked bile ducts in his liver and I'm hoping it is something like that. His biggest problem is that he will only drink fluids when someone is around to fill his glass and that only happens during the day when my brother comes home for lunch.

Dad spend most of today in bed today and has hardly eatten anything. I could tell my brother was very upset when he rang me, you could also tell he was shaking during the phone call and nearly in tears.

My brother and I are going to take him to get tests done tomorrow but I am so upset, worried and concerned about losing him. I know he has been depressed since mum died nearly 14 months ago now and I think when he got sick last year he nearly willed himself to go but didn't in the end cause we needed him. Well we still need him. My relationship with him hasn't been the best over the years but I still need him.

I am so worried, as is my brother. Not sure I'm going to sleep tonight.

Sorry if this sounds all over the place, but my head is all over the place and I'm in tears as I'm typing this.

Take One Step at a Time.

Monday, November 13, 2006

OMG - Time to pull my finger out and do it.

I've known for a while that David intended on coming to Australia to met me and see where this relationship is going. Well tonight he told me that he's applied for his visa and that he can get a flight on either 10/12/06 or 21/12/06, depending on me. I will have to see when I can get some more time off work.

Whilst I want to see him asap and have him here asap, Christmas is a busy time for me with parties etc and it would be easier to attend some of these without him and better if he got here on 21/12/06. Just not sure how I can tell him that without upsetting him.

OMG its really happening. Whilst I'm very excited about this, its rather nerve racking as well. I can't believe its actually going to happen.

Its time to get serious about losing some weight before he gets here. I've been cooking out of the Annette Syms cook books for a while now and yesterday I started the 28 day menu planners. My aim was to stick to these until David got here, so I'm going to do that and will need to exercise twice a day.

I don't think I'm going out to see any clients this week, so I should be able to walk to and from work each day.

Take one Step at a time.