Friday, September 14, 2007

7 Bridges Walk - 28/10/07

This is the map for the 7 Bridges Walk around Sydney on 28/10/07. Its approximately 25 kms and a challenging walk because about 5 kms of it is hilly and depending on where you start the walk they are either in the beginning or at the end.

Last year we started in the City and the hills were towards the end, which is really tough when you have walked say 15 kms and then come across 5 km of hills. This year we are going to tackle the hills first.

The other thing we learnt after last year was that I need to prepare for this walk other wise my calf muscles will cramp up and I will hardly be able to walk the next day.

This year I have my F11 heart rate monitor, so it will be interesting how may calories I burn during this walk.

It is a great event and helps raise money for beyondblue: the national depression initiative, The Cancer Council NSW, Diabetes Australia – NSW and The Heart Foundation.

The majority of these charities have touched my life in the past few years. My mum had diabetes and died of cancer nearly 2 years ago now, my dad has terminal cancer. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, which is now under control. The only one not touching my life in the past 5 years in the Heart Foundation, however it is still a very important Charity.

Any one interested in website is

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