Friday, December 28, 2007

Neet to be strong

OK I need to be strong. I've arrived at work and they have put out the left over junk food from out Christmas lunch last week. There is Christmas cake, pudding, cream, custard, lollies, chocolates, chips and nuts. They are trying to encourage us all to eat them but don't they realise we have already eaten too much of this food during the holidays.

I am feeling so fat today, its not funny. I have already eaten my fruit so now i just need to be strong and drink more water. Don't people in this office realise that we are all over Christmas food and junk and we want to eat healthy.

I might just have to leave early today like lunch time, as one of the assistants has this Christmas email playing and it is really annoying me (its only been going for 5 mins and I'm so over it, the same thing over and over again). I don't have a lot of work to do this week seeing most of my clients are on leave and I'm not feeling to well today. Bloody sinus and hay fever. I'm so over it. I also need to sleep as I discovered facebook last night and was on the computer until about 1 a.m. and then I was wide awake an couldn't sleep.

Well better go and see if I have any work needing to be done.

Take One Step at a time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Survived Christmas 2007

I know this picture is not very encouraging but it is how I'm feeling when I look at myself in the mirror.

I survived Christmas day and whilst I did over eat and not game to log my calories in calorie king I did peak on the scales and had a 400 gram gain since yesterday. Some of that is probably from the excess salt I ate yesterday from the smoked ham we ate and from the 1/2 packet of cracker snacks I ate.

Today is a new day and I'm feeling inspired at the moment, so I've decided to start on the low GI eating today instead of waiting till next week. Now I realise that we have New Years Eve in a week and I was going to wait until after that but the whole idea of low GI eating is that it fits into our day to day lives and I'm going to have lots more new years eve's to have to deal with so its better I start now. One of the book's I've bought recently is called the low GI diet and it comes with a 12 week action plan, which is one of the main reasons I bought this book. To begin with this 12 week action plan is going to really help me but me back into a eating plan and give me a helping start.

The action plans help you with food goals, exercise goals, activity goals and food for thought (ways we think about food and the good & bad of food) goals each week.

The book is a very interesting and great book if you want to get started on eating the GI way and well worth the money.

Well I better go and have some breakfast and feed the cats.

I'm back and have Edited this post at 12.30 p.m.:-
OK after having breakfast I was thinking that I should be accountable to myself on this blog and have decided to list my weight and measurements on here. Whilst I'm pretty embarrassed about them, I have to start somewhere, so here goes:-

Weight 26/12/07 is 114.8 kilos
Arms are 44 Cm's
Hips are 143 Cm's
Chest is 120 Cm's
Thighs are 66 Cm's
Upper Stomach is 137 Cm's

Whilst this photo was not taken today and is about 4 months old, it is pretty close to how I look now. So I am going to use it was my before shot.
My first goal is to get under 100 kilos and I am determined to stay there this time. My rewards for this is a ipod nano and $200 dollars of i tune gift cards.

Take One Step at a time.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas



Monday, December 24, 2007

Weight Loss Journey

I'm very excited that I'm finally able to use blogger at work again, which makes it a bit easier to blog more often. I just don't seem to have the time when I get home these days.
I woke up late this morning, well actually 10 minutes before I was meant to be at work 7.50 a.m. and in my rush to get here I didn't remember to weigh myself, so it looks like I will be starting the Low GI eating plan next week.

I am still going to be careful in what I eat this week and plan to have a few lollies, crackers, ham, lamb, green salad tomorrow. I bought 4 small individual Christmas puddings the other day so I will have one of them with some no fat custard for desert. The other 3 puddings will either be eaten by my dad or my brother.

Take One Step at a time.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yes I am still around

Yes I am still alive and kicking. I can't believe its been so long since I've blogged anything. Life has just been so busy lately.

Dad is still hanging in there. He has lost a lot of weight and now weights only 52 kilos (he was 70 kilos in Jan 07 when he went into the nursing home). The cancer has well and truly taken its toll and I'm not sure how much longer he has.

Well I've been looking at my diet over the past few months and have decided to start a Low GI diet. I've done a lot of research, read many books and think this is the right eating plan for me. Now just have to decided should I start tomorrow the day before Christmas or on 1/1/08.
I also can't believe that Christmas is only 2 days away and new years eve is just over a week away. It so doesn't feel like Christmas and this year has gone so fast.
Not much else to blog at the moment and I do need to go to sleep now.
Take One Step at a time.