Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 Weight Loss Goals

I've been thinking about my weight loss goals and looking at 2007 goals and I must admit that I didn't do a very good job with my 2007 weight loss goals. I'm not quitting on setting these goals and going to start again.

2008 Weight Loss Goals are:-

1. To get back on track and stay within my daily weight watchers points.
2. To remain focused and ask for help when I slip.
3. To get to my goal weight (even if it takes the whole year and probably will).
4. To drink 3 litres of water/fluid a day.
5. To exercise for 1 hour a day (might need to break it up to 2 x 30 min sessions).
6. To complete the End of Financial Year Challenge on FX.
7. To blog my weight loss journey and refer back to it when I struggle.
9. To be honest with myself and not beat myself up too much when things don't go to plan.

Top Ten Benefits of Losing Weight
So, what are the top ten health benefits you can expect after dropping 10 percent of your weight? In no particular order, they are:

10. Better blood pressure
9. Improved heart health and lower cholesterol levels
8. Decreased risk for diabetes /cancer
7. Enhanced sex life
6. A better night’s sleep for those with obstructive sleep apnea
5. Less pain associated with arthritis, joint disease, and lower back pain.
4. Better breathing
3. Less Depressed
2. Spending less on clothes, (as the bigger you are the more they cost cause they use more material)
1. More energy

Take One Step at a Time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weigh in Day 29/3/2008

Today is weight in day at weight watchers.
Start Weight on 8/2/2008 = 115.9 kilos
Last week 22/3/2008 = 111.3 kilos
This week 29/3/2008 = 110.6 kilos

Loss this week 700 grams.

Loss so far 5.3 kilos.

I was presented with my 5 kilo loss book mark today (pictured above) which I'm very happy about............. Only 6.2 kilos to my next goal of 10% loss.

I'm starting a new challenge with some online friends from 1/4/08 called the End of Financial year challenge. It goes for 13 weeks from 1/4/08 to 30/6/2008 and during this time I have put a goal of 10 kilo loss or just under 800 grams per week. It's a bit of a stretch but something I want to achieve.

Below are pictures Brad just took of me for the start of this challenge. The next set of photos will be taken at the end of the challenge, so I can see how much I've changed in body shape and weight.

Yes I could have smiled but oh well maybe next time.

I've been gotten Brad off the lounge at night and we are walking 60-90 mins a night. We don't leave until 8.30 p.m. but it is so nice to walk at that time of the evening, only problem is that it is dark and we need to do a walk that has some lights on.

Take One Step at a time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in blogging but life is just flying by at the moment.

I met a new bloke online of course new years day and his name is Brad (pictured left), only problem was he lived in Townsville. Well to cut a long and boring story short, we got around that some how and last week Brad moved to Sydney to be with me.

I can't believe its been 2 months since I've last blogged. So so sorry about that. Lots has happened since then. I've rejoined weigh watchers @ 115.9 kilos which was a bit of a shock I must admit. I've been to Melbourne for the F1 race, had the flu and lost my voice, work continues to annoy me and my brother is doing really well.

I went to Melbourne with Paul, its our annual trip to Melbourne for the F1 race. He buys me the 4 day grandstand pass for Christmas every year. Following his heart attack I imagined this year would be different, no junk food, no alcohol, lost of walking and only really healthy food etc. Well
we didn't eat much junk food, only 4-5 drinks a night (better than previous years of about 10 drinks per night) and we walked heaps, I burnt 3500 calories in the week we were there. When I went to weight watchers last Saturday I had only put on 100 grams which I was very happy about. Previous years I'd put on 2-3 kilos during that week. Just imagine what I could have done if I'd exercised a bit more when I got home or only had say 3 drinks per night. Well I can only dream about that. I'm pretty happy with how I went whilst I'm away. In reality I ate what I wanted to, just didn't have the chips, chocolates, lollies etc in between meals. It was a great time away.

Last week I weighed in a 111.3 kilos. On 1/4/08 I'm joining a 13 week challenge and my goal for this challenge is to weigh under 100 kilos by the end of it. Hopefully this week I will have a good loss and it will see me have to lose just under 10 kilos during the challenge. Its a stretch for me but a goal I so long to break.

I'm eating pretty well and again cooking out of my weight watchers cookbooks. Just need to increase the exercise, something I'm not too keen on.

Take One Step at a time.