Monday, May 03, 2010

Feeling a little more in control

I'm feeling a little more in control this week, which is good.

I had a slow start to my tiger challenge, recording a 100 gram gain at WI on Saturday. I'm OK with that because TTOM came on Wednesday and I didn't track all that well last week.

A couple of weeks ago my WW leader announced that she was leaving us as she needed to spend more time with her teenager daugher (she also works full time), which really shocked the whole meeting, her leaving us not why....

On saturday I went to WI not really knowing what to expect, if we'd get a new leader or just a fill in, well we got a new leader. Well you could also say we got an old leader too, one of the previous leaders came back... Helen. Helen is lovely but will take a bit of getting use to as she has a different personality to our old leader...

Its so surprising what a new leader will do for your journey. This week I'm finding my self more focused, I'm tracking better and feeling a lot better about myself. I've started my points cycling this week which has gone:-

Saturday I ate 27 (I was originally meant to only have 25)
Sunday I ate 29 (on plan)
Monday I got 21 and will stick to that.
Tuesday see me on 20
Wednesday has been changed to 23
Thursday has been changed to 21
Friday is 20

Water has been good and so has the exercise....

I'm feeling pretty focused right now... and here's to having a great week...


Tania said...

A change of leader definitely can have an effect on your journey, glad it was a positive effect for you!

Chris H said...

I'm glad you are liking your new leader... it certainly helps.