Monday, May 10, 2010

WI Saturday 8/5/2010

Sorry I've been a bit slack in updating my WI results from Saturday.

I lost 1.6 kilos which is great but just missed out on my weekly goal of going under 90 kilos.... I know the goal was a big ask and I did have a feeling on Thursday that I was just going to miss it. I weighed in at 90.3 kilos...

I'm trying to stick with the same principals this week so my cycling points are:-

Saturday - 30 points - exercise points earnt 6.5 points
Sunday - 33 points (I didn't mean to have this many but I got a bit hungry in the afternoon) - exercise points earnt 8 points
Monday - 21 points - already at 5 points and I still need to go for a walk tonight.
Tuesday - 23 points
Wednesday - 25 points
Thursday - 23 points
Friday - 21 points

The above points are based on earning exerise points of:-

2 x 6.5 points
5 x 8 points.

or the same as last week...

In terms of Operation Tiger:-

50 mins of Wii Fit jogging 5 days per week (in the mornings instead of my usual walk). on track
60 mins walk with my brother 5-6 days per week. on track
Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. on track - however, its this week focus...
Eat Healthly food and minimise junk food. - on track
Sticking to my 21 weight watchers points per day. - I've increased my points slightly as I don't eat enough when I earn 8 exercise points per day and I'm only allowed to save 4 of them anyway.
Aiming to lose 600 grams per week and be under 85 kilos at the end of Operation period. I'm back on track with my weight loss...

Under 90 kilos - buy myself some new boots. - I'm thinking of changing this to new runner as I need another pair. Mind you I also need boots for work - winters coming... LOL...

Under 85 kilos - acrylic finger nails.


blondie1 said...

Wow thats close and good work well done on your loss

Tania said...

Congrats on the loss - next week you'll get under 90kgs, how exciting for you!