Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm so glad that I have my F11 working again as it keeps me so focused on exercise.
I've started exercising on my own tonight and walked for 45 mins and so far I'm feeling really good. I also burnt 397 calories on my walk.
I'm planning on walking the 7 Bridges Walk again this year and am determined to get fitter, lose some weight before the big day. I'm walking with a few online friends and we have decided on the following timetable. Lynda and Suse are a lot fitter than me at the moment and also weigh a lot less as well, so I will also be walking by myself during the week and maybe on Sundays as well (see how I pull up and feel as I don't want to burn out to quickly and give up all together).
* Sat Sept 1 at 9am - Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda (Note: this is 1 lap, if you want to do 2 laps would have to meet at 8am)
* Sun Sept 2 at 3:30pm - Bay Interval Run - Suse & Lynda
* Fri Sept 7 time TBD - Double (2 laps) Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda (Note: we can do a longer walk elsewhere if you like, but I want to avoid the APEC crud in the city and getting public transport in there. But if you want to drive us somewhere i.e. watsons bay, then we walk to Coogee and bus back is ok with me)
* Sat Sept 8 at 9am - Double (2 laps) Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda
* Sun Sept 9 at 3pm - Bay Interval Run - Suse & Lynda
* Sat Sept 15 at 9am - Single Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda
* Sun Sept 16 at 3pm - Bay Run - RUN 4KM of it!!!! - Suse & Lynda
* Sat Sept 22 at 9am - Double (2 laps) Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda
* Sun Sept 23 at crack o dawn - Sydney Bridge Run 4KM - Suse & Lynda
* Sat Sept 29 at 9am - Single Bay Walk
* Sun Sept 30 - Day Off. Lynda and Suse to solo jog as its off week + Lynda's Dad's birthday so family commitments.
* Mon Oct 1 (aka Labour Day) at 10 am - 7 Bridges Prac Walk #1 via C2S Route + Bronte extension - Carlton & Lynda (Note: will skip Bronte bit if you need to rush back)
* Sat Oct 6 - Double Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda
* Sun Oct 7 - Bay interval Run - Suse & Lynda
* Sat Oct 13 - Day off due to long walk on next day (and its a nail day)
* Sun Oct 14 at 9am - 7 Bridges Prac Walk #2 on actual 7 Bridges Route - Suse, Carlton & Lynda
* Sat 20 Oct - Double Bay Walk - Carlton & Lynda
* Sun 21 Oct - Day off. Note: Lynda & Suse to do solo runs (as is off week). Calrtn to do solo walk
* Sat 27 Oct = Day of Rest, as day before the big day
* Sun Oct 28 - 7 Bridges Walk - Suse, Carlton & Lynda
Take One Step at a Time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weigh In 26/08/07

Start Weight on 8/8/07 = 117 kilos (same weight I was 2 1/2 years ago when I started this journey)

This week 26/08/07 = 113 kilos

Loss this week 300 grams.

Loss so far 4 kilos.

Life as far as my eating goes is starting to settle down. I am trying to keep within the following guidelines as per CK:-

Calories = 1500 per day (i've reduced the calories down from CK's recommendation of 1730 due to not exercising at the moment).
Fat = 51 grams per day
Sat Fat = 16 grams per day
Protein = 114 grams per day
Carbs = 205 grams per day
Fibre = 25 grams per day
Drink at least 6 glass of water per day

Up until now I have been focusing on my eating habits and haven't included exercise (which is a bonus if I do anything). Now that I have gotten my polar F11 fixed I will be a little more motivated to exercise again. I will start off slowly and then build up.

In regards to the lap band surgery I am still looking at doing this but it will depend on if I can access some money from my superannuation to pay for the out of pocket expenses. I will have an answer for this within the next month.

Take One Step at a time.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Weight Issues

Sorry I haven't posted in what seems like for ever, but I've been really busy at work, looking after 3 portfolio of clients. I've also started a new job last week, similar to what I was doing but now more complex and bigger lending clients. Oh and so far not as much stress but its only been week 1..............................
Yes as the picture says I'm really pissed off but with myself weight wise. I have allowed myself to eat anything and everything in sight.
I really hate how I look in the mirror lately in what clothes I'm wearing. It really looks like I'm pregant when I'm not................
Needless to say I have put back on all the weight I've lost since I started this journey. This means that I am back at my original starting weight of 117 kilos. Not happy Jan but apart from being embarrassed about it, I do find it easier to share this figure with you.

I've realised that I need to start eating healthy now and sticking to a calorie count, so when I do have this operation, the limited food will not be as tough on my system. As at Wednesday (I think) I started using CK diary again and whilst I'm on a lot of calories there, I feel like I'm in a little more control of the food that I eat. I am also trying to be honest in the diary so if I eat cake, then it goes in. Trying to stay within my carbs grams is proving to be a challenge but its still early days and my choices haven't always been the best ones.
Oh is your a CK member, feel free to drop by my diary and take a look. Also feel free to given me some advice and guidance in need. The website address is Its free to join these days.....

Just needed to vent a little that's all....................
I will try and post a little more regularly now that work is settling down a little.
Take One Step at a time.